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Cell Carrier: Governments Worldwide Hear Your Calls

Vodaphone said 6 countries grab content without even a warrant

(Newser) - The world's second-biggest telecom company released a report today saying that countries from Hungary to Fiji are accessing customer calls and texts with legal warrants, or just tapping in whenever they feel like it, the New York Times reports. Vodaphone—which left the US this year and is based... More »

Google Talking With Verizon

Google applications may appear on Verizon phones

(Newser) - Google is in talks with Verizon Wireless, the number-two U.S. mobile carrier, about putting Google applications on its phones, Reuters reports. The Google-powered phones are expected to meld several of its applications into a single package for Verizon customers, including Google Maps, News, YouTube and Gmail. Google shares rose... More »

Get Ready for the Googlephone

Company showing prototypes in bid to break into cell phone ad market

(Newser) - Google is spending hundreds of millions of dollars secretly developing a cell phone which offers Google search technology and other services, reports the London Independent. Prototype phones have been shown to several wireless carriers. The company is poised to bid on wireless spectrum licenses in the upcoming federal auction, which... More »

3 Stories