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91-Year-Old Earns PhD 30 Years After She Started

Colette Bourlier admits she 'took breaks'

(Newser) - The next time you feel tempted to say you're too old to start something, think of Colette Bourlier. The Frenchwoman began working on her PhD thesis 30 years ago, and she finally finished it up this year at the age of 91 to complete her degree, the Guardian reports.... More »

German Minister Quits Over Plagiarized Dissertation

'Baron Googleberg' brought down by academic scandal

(Newser) - Germany's aristocratic defense minister has resigned after being caught in a plagiarism scandal. Tens of thousands of academics wrote to the government in protest after it was discovered that Baron Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg—now nicknamed "Baron Cut and Paste" and "zu Googleberg"—had plagiarized large chunks of... More »

Princeton Adviser Recalls Sotomayor's Grade-A Thesis

Not 'best student', but the 'most transformed'

(Newser) - Count Sonia Sotomayor's Princeton thesis adviser among her strongest supporters to reach the Supreme Court. Peter Winn, writing in the Washington Post, recalls that her judicial skills were evident even as an undergrad. "After conquering Princeton, she is unlikely to be fazed by another institution legendary for its white... More »

Chelsea Thesis May Clarify Hillary's Role in Irish Peace

But Clintons won't release Stanford doc

(Newser) - While Hillary Clinton stands accused of exaggerating her part in the 1998 Irish peace process, the answer might lie in an unlikely 150-page document—Chelsea Clinton's senior thesis from Stanford. Only problem? No one seems to know where it's gone, Newsweek reports, and a Clinton spokesman warns it was "... More »

Michelle Obama College Thesis Muses on Race

Studies void between blacks and whites at Princeton and beyond

(Newser) - Michelle Obama’s 1985 Princeton thesis—whose unavailability at the university has prompted blogger suspicions—discusses the concerns of a black woman in a sphere dominated by whites. In the 96-page document, scored by Politico from the Obama campaign, Mrs. Obama writes that to white students, it seems “I... More »

PhD Will, PhD Will Rock You

Queen guitarist, 60, submits astronomy thesis after 36 years

(Newser) - Queen guitarist Brian May dropped his academic pursuits to tour the globe as a young rock star, but after 36 years he has finally handed in his PhD thesis, which he began researching in 1972. The 60-year-old aspiring astrophysicist delivered a 48,000-word study on "zodiacal dust clouds" to... More »

6 Stories