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Neighbors Sue to Stop House That Looks Like Stadium

Couple wants to build 7,500-square-foot replica of University of Iowa stadium

(Newser) - Iowa City residents are suing to stop a couple from building a 7,500-square-foot home that's also a replica of Kinnick Stadium, home of the University of Iowa Hawkeyes, the AP reports. The home would feature brick siding and a press box just like the actual football stadium. According... More »

These Are the Top 10 Party Schools in the Nation

No Faber College?

(Newser) - With summer pretty much over, it's time for the nation's college students to return to school and get back to the hard business of partying down. And according to the Princeton Review , the following schools are where most of that partying will be getting done. For its annual... More »

Iowa Fight Song— on a Loop—Drives NY Town Batty

It's been playing nightly on repeat across from Niagara Falls wine bar

(Newser) - The beat goes on near the Niagara Falls bistro, Wine on Third. And on and on and on. What sounds like a marching band rendition of the University of Iowa fight song plays on a grating loop all evening, every evening from a vacant building across the street. Why remains... More »

Real-Time Video Reveals How Tumors Form

It takes a surprisingly small amount of cancerous cells

(Newser) - University of Iowa researchers are believed to be the first to capture, in real time, the movements of cancerous breast tissue cells as they form tumors. And what they saw could lead to a better understanding not only of these cells but of the antibodies that can eliminate them. The... More »

The Nation's Top Party School Is...

University of Iowa chiefs not toasting victory

(Newser) - Despite the best efforts of city and university officials, the University of Iowa has taken first place in the Princeton Review's list of top party schools after finishing second last year. The rankings—based on a nationwide survey of 126,000 students—take into account drug and alcohol use,... More »

University of Iowa Professor to GOP Students: 'F Off'

Ellen Lewin hits 'reply all' after getting email about conservative event

(Newser) - File under "really poor decisions to hit 'reply all'": A University of Iowa gender and women's studies professor did just that on Monday, after receiving a mass email from the College Republicans about an upcoming event. Her poetic reply? "F*** YOU, REPUBLICANS." Predictably, outrage... More »

Demi, Ashton Mired in ... Basketball Scandal?

University of Iowa admits introducing celebs to recruits

(Newser) - As if Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher didn't already have enough drama in their lives, they are now embroiled in a college sports controversy, of all things. The University of Iowa admitted that athletic officials allowed two high school basketball recruits to meet the celebrity couple at a U of... More »

Biggest Party Animals Attend Georgia

In student survey, Ohio U. finishes second

(Newser) - Good news for parents paying for their kids to study at the University of Georgia: The school is finally No. 1. The bad news: The Princeton Review list ranks the nation's top party schools. "UGA has been on the party school list for a while, but it’s one... More »

Iowa Supreme Court Set to Review Gay-Marriage Ban

Advocates and opponents of same-sex unions dig in

(Newser) - Iowa’s Supreme Court will review a state law banning gay marriage next month, the Los Angeles Times reports. A district judge last year struck down the Defense of Marriage Act on the grounds that it violated state constitutional rights of equal protection, but nine hours later that decision was... More »

Toddlers Learn Language Slowly and Quickly

Kids stockpile simple words in buildup to vocab explosion

(Newser) - Toddlers learn to speak by simply using small, familiar words to acquire harder ones, new research says, throwing a curveball at scientists who assumed a more complex cognitive system. Youngsters can rapidly go from spouting babble to intelligible chatter as long as their words have varying levels of difficulty, Scientific ... More »

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