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World Not Ready for a Romney Presidency

Western Europe overwhelmingly favors Obama

(Newser) - While the US sees a presidential race that could go either way , much of the rest of the world is expecting—and in many cases, actively hoping for—a continued Obama presidency. Some 75% of Europeans prefer the incumbent to Mitt Romney, while just 8% favor the former governor, a... More »

Deadly Storms Swamp France

Dozens perish after violent winter storm devastates western Europe

(Newser) - Dozens died this weekend as devastating storms swept across western Europe, destroying seawalls, uprooting trees, and causing widespread flooding. France bore the brunt, with as many as 50 people killed, including 25 in the town of l'Aiguillon sur Mer, 300 miles southwest of Paris on the Atlantic coast. Deaths were... More »

Al-Qaeda Boosts Western Recruits

Networks funnel manpower to Pakistan, Afghanistan

(Newser) - An increasing number of Westerners are joining al-Qaeda and the Taliban as the terrorist groups profit from dissatisfaction with the war in Afghanistan and develop sophisticated foreign-recruiting networks. Some 30 German citizens have traveled to Pakistan for training this year, according to authorities. Belgian, French and Swedish nationals have also... More »

Putin Praises US for Ditching Missile Shield

But Moscow may not support nuclear sanctions against Iran

(Newser) - In a development sure to further tick off President Obama's critics on the right, Vladimir Putin says he's quite pleased with the decision to scrap an American missile-defense system in Eastern Europe, the New York Times reports. “I very much hope that this correct and brave decision will be... More »

Obama's Missile Move Leaves Allies in the Lurch

(Newser) - President Obama’s decision to scrap plans for a missile defense shield is a political bombshell, writes Robin Oakley for CNN. America’s allies in Poland and the Czech Republic are left holding the bag after expending significant political capital on the unpopular system. Abandoning it might make their lives... More »

Hungary Fetes 1989 'Picnic' That Led to Fall of Berlin Wall

Provided escape from Communism for East Germans

(Newser) - Hungary is celebrating the 20th anniversary today of its “Pan-European Picnic”: the day it opened its border with Austria, providing a pathway for hundreds of East Germans to exit Europe’s communist east. “The Soviet bloc was like an air balloon with over-pressure so it needed only a... More »

In First, US Jobless Rate Set to Eclipse Western Europe's

(Newser) - The unemployment rate in the US is set to eclipse that of Western Europe for the first time on record, the New York Times reports. When April numbers for the first 15 EU members come in, the US’ 8.9% will probably be higher than Europe’s, 8.5% in... More »

Russia, Ukraine Settle Gas Flap

Agreement reached; export flow to Europe not in danger

(Newser) - Ukraine and Russia announced today that their natural-gas companies had settled the dispute that had caused Russia to cut gas supply to Ukraine by 50%—and spurred worries that the flow of gas to Western Europe would be disrupted, the AP reports. "The restrictions on deliveries for Ukrainian consumers... More »

Heatwaves Double Over 100 Years

Number of 'extremely hot days' have tripled, Euro study shows

(Newser) - The duration of heatwaves in Western Europe has doubled and the frequency of extremely hot days has nearly tripled since 1880, according to a study released yesterday. Periods of sweltering weather last an average of 3 days now compared to 1.5  in 1880, a shift that forebodes a higher... More »

9 Stories