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China Clears Way for 'Leader for Life'

Eliminates term limits, enabling Xi Jinping to rule indefinitely

(Newser) - China's rubber-stamp lawmakers on Sunday passed a historic constitutional amendment abolishing a presidential two-term limit that will enable Xi Jinping to rule indefinitely, reports the AP . The amendment upends a system enacted by former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in 1982 to prevent a return to the bloody excesses of... More »

Strange Scandal Dethrones Charismatic Chinese Pol

Bo Xilai removed as Chongqing party chief

(Newser) - A rising star in Chinese politics was ousted from his powerful perch as party chief in the huge city of Chongqing today, following a strange scandal that saw Chongqing's police chief seek US asylum . Bo Xilai is a charismatic figure who, unlike most Chinese politicians, actually courts the media.... More »

Chinese Official Sorry for Phony Dumpling Story

Cardboard food exposé was fake, but China's media troubles aren't

(Newser) - China's top propaganda official has apologized for a TV exposé on cardboard-filled dumplings after it turned out to be full of hot air, the Times reports. A reporter was detained for the fake July segment that showed dumpling vendors replacing meat with cardboard soaked in caustic soda and pork flavoring. More »

3 Stories