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Study Finds Link Between Fever in Moms, Autism in Kids

Fever during pregnancy may increase odds of autism diagnosis in kids

(Newser) - In a study of nearly 100,000 Norwegian children, those whose mothers reported having a fever or two at some point during their pregnancy were 1.3 times more likely to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, according to a report published Tuesday in Molecular Psychiatry . Medical News Today reports... More »

Ebola Patient Had Fever of 103 on First ER Visit

But Thomas Duncan got sent home, only to return 2 days later

(Newser) - Thomas Duncan's temperature spiked to 103 degrees during the hours of his initial visit to an emergency room—a fever that was flagged with an exclamation point in the hospital's record-keeping system, his medical records show. Despite telling a nurse that he had recently been in Africa and... More »

Autism Linked to Fever, Flu in Pregnant Women

Pregnant woman who suffered from either were at higher risk

(Newser) - A new study finds a link between illness during pregnancy and autism, but experts are already urging caution when interpreting the results. Danish researchers found that expecting mothers who suffered from the flu were twice as likely to have a child who developed an autism spectrum disorder, while those who... More »

China's H1N1 Quarantines Trap Healthy Travelers

Slight temp, runny nose enough to get you a 3-day forced hospital stay

(Newser) - Now might not be the best time to visit China: the country's aggressive swine flu screening policies have kept even healthy travelers in isolation, the Washington Post reports. One Virginia man was deemed a threat to public health and quarantined for three days because he got off a plane with... More »

Docs Track Autism to Brain's Fever Center

Batch of neurons may be key to treatment

(Newser) - Mulling over the evidence that the symptoms of autistic children recede during a fever—long reported by parents and confirmed by a study 2 years ago—two New York doctors had a “eureka moment,” seeing that link as a clue to treating the condition, Time reports. The same... More »

Fevers Offer Clues to Autism

Studies show symptoms recede when kids have high temperatures

(Newser) - Fevers may alleviate symptoms of autism, including repetitive movements, irritability, and hyperactivity, a recent study shows. The findings confirm what parents have long observed, fueling the hypothesis that heat affects neurotransmitters in the brain that are somehow involved in autism. The research could lead to clues to a cure for... More »

Scientists Find Fever Trigger in Mice

Discovery of hormone receptor in brain could lead to targeted treatment

(Newser) - Researchers have discovered a fever trigger in lab mice and succeeded in switching it off by removing specific hormone receptors in a tiny spot in the brain. The study is likely to lead to the development of  drugs efficiently targeted to controlling fever, Reuters reports. The trigger is one of... More »

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