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75% of White People Have Zero Minority Friends

Average white person with 100 friends has 1 black friend, survey notes

(Newser) - Three-quarters of white Americans lack any minority friends, a survey finds: Their social networks, according to the Public Religion Research Institute, are "entirely white." The average white person with 100 friends, meanwhile, would have a single black friend, a single Latino friend, one Asian friend, and one mixed-race... More »

Community Colleges Are a Segregated Mess

Hamilton Nolan: Racial inequality is rampant, and we need to fix it

(Newser) - America's community colleges have big problems with segregation and racial inequality, according to two new studies noted by Inside Higher Ed . Consider that mostly white colleges average 85 students per staff, but mostly black ones average nearly 300. Think of it this way, suggests Hamilton Nolan at Gawker : These... More »

Georgia Teens Look to Dump Segregated Proms

Embarrassed students organize integrated dance

(Newser) - We're now well into 2013—but don't tell that to the citizens of Rochelle, Ga., who prefer to party like it's 1949 at racially segregated proms and homecoming dances. Four students at Wilcox County High School are now attempting to fight back against their town's "... More »

Strom Thurmond's Secret Daughter Dead at 87

Segregationist never publicly acknowledged mixed-race daughter

(Newser) - Essie Mae Washington-Williams, the mixed-race daughter of arch-segregationist Sen. Strom Thurmond, has died at the age of 87. Her mother was a 16-year-old maid working for the Thurmond family in South Carolina when she was impregnated by the man who went on to serve 48 years in the Senate, where... More »

CNN Host Tricks Opponent of Women in Combat

... into agreeing with segregationist text

(Newser) - CNN host Soledad O'Brien pulled a fast one on noted gender equality foe Kingsley Browne, tricking the professor and author into agreeing with a 1941 quote supporting racial segregation in the military, in a clip spotted by Think Progress . The quote was: More »

Alabama Student Who Defied Segregation Dies

James Hood was one of two to stand up to George Wallace in 1963

(Newser) - One of the first black students who enrolled at the University of Alabama a half-century ago in defiance of racial segregation has died. James Hood of Gadsden was 70. Then-Alabama Gov. George Wallace made his infamous "stand in the schoolhouse door" in a failed effort to prevent Hood and... More »

At La. School Reunion, a Party for 'White Grads Only'

But organizers say invitation wording is a mistake

(Newser) - The St. Martinville Senior High School Class of 1973 has somehow been holding segregated reunions for almost 40 years now, with black alums attending one event and white alums another. This year was originally to be the same way, until organizers ultimately decided to integrate. But the invite for the... More »

Gay Rights Group: NC Bill Just Like Segregation

Ads run as North Carolina considers gay marriage amendment

(Newser) - North Carolina already refuses to recognize same-sex unions, but a new amendment could go further, making sure that only traditional marriages are recognized—and a gay rights group is running a fairly shocking ad campaign against it. Images that recall segregation, like one featuring separate water fountains for straight and... More »

All-White Urban Neighborhoods 'Effectively Extinct'

But Manhattan Institute report finds that racial inequality persists

(Newser) - As America prepares to celebrate Black History Month, revelations both encouraging and discouraging from the Manhattan Institute: A report released yesterday finds that the segregation of blacks in America's cities has hit its lowest point since 1910, thanks in part to the rise of black suburbanization, changes in the... More »

Don't Forget: Women Made 'Red Tails' Possible

Skip Gates on how activist, pilot, first lady made Tuskegee Airmen possible

(Newser) - George Lucas' Red Tails is a "very important film," reminding us of the "often overlooked role of African Americans in World War II," Henry Louis "Skip" Gates writes in the Root . But what you sadly won't see in the movie are the three women... More »

Israeli Women Refuse to Move to the Back of the Bus

Women defiant as ultra-Orthodox men try to impose religious views

(Newser) - Calling Rosa Parks. Israeli women are refusing to move to the back of the bus despite pressure from Orthodox Jews who believe in the segregation of the sexes. An 18-year-old female soldier recently boarded a Jerusalem bus and was ordered by an ultra-Orthodox man to the back. "I said... More »

'White Only' Pool Sign Just 'Historical,' Landlord Says

Outraged tenant files civil rights complaint

(Newser) - An Ohio landlord says the "White Only" sign in front of a pool at a duplex she owns was just an antique, but a former tenant says her views on race also appear to be from 1930s Alabama. "We invited my daughter, who is African-American, to visit and... More »

Gender Segregation Grows in Israel

Separation is felt most in Jerusalem

(Newser) - Israel boasts a female opposition leader, high-profile women soldiers, and a female former prime minister. But walk the streets of Jerusalem these days and, in some areas, you’ll see gender-segregated sidewalks, buses, health clinics, and supermarkets—and few billboards or ads depicting women. The capital city has become increasingly... More »

Beatles Refused to Play to Segregated Crowds

Contract also calls for 150 police officers for Cow Palace show

(Newser) - When the Beatles toured the United States, the band had a few concert demands: at least 150 uniformed police officers, a $40,000 fee—and no segregated audiences, according to the contract for the Beatles' 1965 concert at Cow Palace in California, reports the BBC . The contract is set to... More »

Black Northerners Migrating South in Record Numbers

More opportunity and a spiritual return among main reasons

(Newser) - The Great Migration may have come full circle. African-Americans are leaving large cities in the East and Midwest and moving to the South in the greatest numbers in decades, say demographers. Black New Yorkers especially have taken to the South—more than half of those who left the state in... More »

Young King Inspired by Time in Desegregated Connecticut

That influential summer inspired him to become a minister

(Newser) - A young Martin Luther King Jr. might have gone on to any number of careers, but for one inspiring summer in Connecticut. He was there as a teenager, earning money for college by working on a tobacco farm, and he was shocked by the lack of segregation he found. “... More »

Haley Barbour Finds Himself in (Another) Civil Rights Mess

2012 GOP contender has problematic political roots, writes Steve Kornacki

(Newser) - Haley Barbour still hasn’t said whether he’ll run for president, but he’s already stirring up controversy thanks to a lengthy Weekly Standard profile in which he recalls his hometown of Yazoo City, Miss., fondly, and doesn’t remember the struggle for civil rights as being “that... More »

Mississippi School Desegregates Elections

Black president one year, white the next

(Newser) - After enduring a ruckus over its segregated student government elections, a Mississippi middle school has nixed rules it says were put into place some three decades ago in order to ensure minority representation. Under the rules, white students were allowed to run for class president one year, black students the... More »

Rand Paul Bombs on Maddow Show

Kentucky candidate dodges question in disastrous interview

(Newser) - Rand Paul doesn't believe the government should tell businesses they can't discriminate against black people. That's essentially the takeaway from the newly-minted GOP Senate nominee's painful interview with Rachel Maddow last night, in which he spent 20 minutes trying to dodge questions about his stance on the Civil Rights Act,... More »

Muslim Women Fight Segregation in DC Mosque

US fights for Muslim women aboard, cops threaten arrest here

(Newser) - In an action they link to Rosa Parks' refusal to give up her seat on a bus in the civil rights movement, American Muslim women are battling against a "men only" prayer section in a DC mosque. Police were called recently to the Islamic Center of Washington when protesting... More »

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