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Taste for Beer May Be Saving Lives of Russian Men

Brief booze crackdown in 1980s got young men to shift away from vodka

(Newser) - Russian men have an unfortunate tradition of drinking themselves to an early death. As bleak as the number are—life expectancy for Russian men was 65 in 2012, compared with 76 in the US and 74 for China, notes Quartz —researchers have spotted improvement of late. And oddly, they... More »

Town of 7K Considers US' First Tobacco Ban

If the measure passes, it will be the first of its kind in the country

(Newser) - The otherwise quiet town of Westminster in the heart of Massachusetts is causing quite a stir as it considers becoming the first in the country to outright prohibit the sale of all tobacco. But while town health agent Elizabeth Swedberg says a ban in the town of 7,700 makes... More »

SD Reservation on Edge After Legalizing Booze

Police chief fears surge in violence

(Newser) - A South Dakota reservation that's been dry almost since its founding has voted to allow the possession and sale of alcohol on its grounds, a move that runs counter to traditional federal rules. The decision has Oglala Sioux tribe members deeply divided—so divided that ballots had to be... More »

Ken Burns' Prohibition a Long, Tall Drink

'A Nation of Drunkards' is the best episode: reviewers

(Newser) - Ken Burns' latest mega-documentary, Prohibition, starts a three-night run tomorrow on PBS. Reviewers are praising the 5 1/2-hour survey of America's war on booze, but warn that it's a bit slow and may reveal its best stuff in the first episode:
  • "It's a great subject with
... More »

Booze Flows in Baghdad

Despite security risks, business is booming

(Newser) - Iraq may be a war-torn nation with deep-seated sectarian divisions, but things are picking up for a certain thirsty segment of the population. That’s right: booze is flowing again in Baghdad, McClatchy Newspapers reports. Though a predominantly Muslim nation, Iraq, even under Saddam Hussein, permitted any citizen to sip,... More »

Chavez Decrees Dry Holy Week

Ban on booze aimed at drink-fueled accidents, inspires secret imbibing

(Newser) - No Easter imbibing, decrees Venezuelan president and socialist icon Hugo Chavez. Chavez has instituted a Holy Week liquor ban in restaurants to combat the hundreds of drunk driving deaths that occur during holidays in Venezuala. While some citizens applaud his boldness, others say they cannot follow their fearless leader quite... More »

6 Stories