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These States Have Made Most Racial Progress

Wyoming, Texas, and Georgia are the top 3

(Newser) - Black History Month is fast approaching, and while much progress has been made since Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech, discrimination, segregation, and systemic racism still remain. WalletHub wanted to acknowledge the US states that have made strides in both current integration and racial... More »

Report Demolishes Myths About US Immigrants

Crime, divorce rates lower in immigrant communities than native-born ones

(Newser) - Donald Trump may want to build a wall to keep immigrants out, but the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine suggests he might be unnecessarily fearful. "The Integration of Immigrants Into American Society" report notes that not only is the current generation of immigrants assimilating just as well... More »

Jesse Jackson Slaps Tea Party at MLK Tribute

Movement a 'new name for an old game'

(Newser) - Jesse Jackson lashed out at the Tea Party at a Martin Luther King Jr. memorial event, comparing its ideology to old states’ rights arguments against integration. The movement “is not new,” he said at the crowded luncheon in Washington. “It's just a new name for an... More »

Wanted: Women for Co-ed Navy Submarine

Navy recruits first batch of female officers

(Newser) - The Navy is finally integrating submarines. Recruiting for an initial 19 female officers is underway and starting in late next year or early 2012, women will be serving alongside men. One Navy rep admitted the change was "probably overdue" and downplayed concerns over having women aboard. "The change... More »

Yahoo Gets Deeper In Bed With Facebook

Integration will boost traffic on both sites, they hope

(Newser) - Yahoo is finally getting seriously social in a new partnership that will integrate Facebook Connect into its many properties. Yahoo users will be able monitor their Facebook feed on Yahoo, and vice versa. The integration will be done “on a deep level,” a Yahoo exec tells Kara Swisher,... More »

Your Skin Can Help You Hear, Study Finds

Subjects identify sounds better when paired with touch

(Newser) - What you feel can influence what you hear, a new study suggests. People were better able to identify aspirated sounds—those requiring a puff of air, like “pa” or “ta”—when the sound was paired with a puff of air on the back of the hand or... More »

Dutch Hope US Model Will Integrate Schools

Plan was used during American civil rights movement

(Newser) - Dutch leaders believe an integration program honed during the American civil rights movement can curb the racial and class divisions rampant in Amsterdam’s classrooms. Waves of immigrants have swept into the Netherlands, but they haven’t always mixed successfully with native Dutch, reports the Christian Science Monitor. “Segregation... More »

California to End Last Outpost of Segregation: Prisons

Many expect surge in violence with change

(Newser) - California will fully integrate its prison system next month, making it one of the last states to do so, the Christian Science Monitor reports. The state will end the practice of separating new arrivals to the nation's largest prison system based on race. Both guards and inmates are bracing for... More »

O'Connor's Imprint Fades

First female Supreme Court justice's legacy uncertain

(Newser) - Even as Sandra Day O’Connor public profile as an advocate for Alzheimer’s disease research grows, the legal imprint of the first woman Supreme Court justice is fading, USA Today reports. Since her departure, the Roberts court has shifted course on abortion and retreated from positions supported by her... More »

Oliver Hill, Civil Rights Crusader, Dies

Virginia lawyer played key role in Brown v. Board of Education

(Newser) - Oliver Hill, a Virginia civil rights crusader whose work contributed to the Brown v. Board of Education decision against school segregation, died yesterday at 100. Described as "last lion of the civil-rights movement," Hill was a survivor of D-Day's Omaha Beach landing, and close friends with Justice Thurgood... More »

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