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Bakery Owners Pay $135K Over Gay Wedding Cake

Oregon couple still planning to appeal ruling

(Newser) - An Oregon bakery that refused to make a cake for a lesbian couple and then refused to pay the $135,000 damages award that ensued has decided to finally pay up. A spokesman for the state Bureau of Labor and Industries tells KOIN that Aaron Klein, co-owner of Sweet Cakes... More »

Fruitcake Exec Punished for Wild Embezzlement

Sandy Jenkins defrauded bakery to fund seriously lavish lifestyle

(Newser) - A former comptroller at Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana, Texas—famous for its fruitcakes—will have to go without as he spends the next 10 years behind bars. Prosecutors say Sandy Jenkins, 66, ran "a massive scheme to defraud" the bakery and forged 888 checks from December 2004 until... More »

How You Could Win Your Very Own Bakery

Submit essay, $75—and cupcake recipe

(Newser) - With just $75, an essay, and a cupcake recipe, you could win a Vermont bakery. Vermont Public Radio reports that those interested in owning the Mix Cupcakerie and Kitchen in Waitsfield have to write about why they want it and submit the essay along with an idea for a cupcake... More »

Baker Investigated After Refusing Anti-Gay Cake

Customer Bill Jack claims Azucar Bakery discriminated against him

(Newser) - When a customer strolled into Denver's Azucar Bakery looking for Bible-shaped cakes, owner Marjorie Silva told him no problem. When Bill Jack pulled out a piece of paper with the message he wanted written on said cakes, and Silva saw "God hates gays," a drawing of two... More »

$10M Question: Twist Tie or Plastic Clip?

Businessweek looks at obscure but high-stakes fight

(Newser) - It's the $10 million question you've never cared to ask: What's the best way to secure a bag of bread? In one corner, the humble twist-tie—simple but more labor-intensive. In the other, plastic clips—less work but more room for error. You may not even notice... More »

A Union Killed Hostess— but Not the One You Think

Holman Jenkins thinks the Teamsters are to blame for the Twinkie-maker's exit

(Newser) - What killed Hostess? Don't believe the people blaming private equity or America's changing tastes. Labor was the real culprit, writes Holman Jenkins at the Wall Street Journal , but don't blame the striking bakery union, which is, at worst, "guilty of perfectly justifiable attempted homicide." No,... More »

Business Booms After Bakery Snubs Joe Biden

Virginia baker rejected photo op with VP

(Newser) - Is "Chris the Baker" the new Joe the Plumber? The Virginia bakery owner turned down a photo op with Joe Biden—and since the news broke, business has exploded. "The overwhelming majority of people have been supportive," says Chris McMurray, citing callers "from Texas and Chicago... More »

Lovesick Baker Becomes Celebrated Somali Poet

Bodheri won enduring legacy but not his lady love

(Newser) - Of all the bread joints in all the world, she had to walk into his, writes Gwen Thompkins for NPR, and that began Somalia’s greatest tale of love and heartbreak. In the 1930s, Elmi Bodheri was just a poor baker—until he glimpsed a girl named Hodhan. Never mind... More »

'Roll With a Hole' About as American Now as Apple Pie

Centuries-old bagel so widespread that NYC's best bakers aren't Jewish but Thai

(Newser) - While many cultures claim credit for inventing the bagel, the basic roll-with-a-hole concept is centuries old, Joan Nathan writes in a look at the ubiquitous morning nosh for Slate. The Romans, Egyptians, and Europeans are all said to have savored this culinary curiosity, which was easy to transport and had... More »

Teen Confesses to Killing Journalist

Handyman at raided bakery may not have acted alone, cops say

(Newser) - A 19-year-old man arrested last week in a police raid on an Oakland bakery has confessed to shooting journalist Chauncey Bailey, the San Jose Mercury News reports. Detectives say Devaughndre Broussard, a self-described "good soldier," targeted the Oakland Post editor because he had been investigating the bakery and... More »

Cops Raid Bakery Linked to Editor's Assassination

19 arrested at Oakland Black Muslim shop

(Newser) - Police, SWAT teams, and bomb units descended on an Oakland bakery shop today that was linked to the murder of Chauncey Bailey. Bailey, an editor a the Oakland Post who was writing a story about Your Black Muslim Bakery, was gunned down yesterday on his way to work; the Oakland ... More »

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