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Powder Meant to Save Miners May Be Killing Them Instead

For decades miners were forced to inhale aluminum dust

(Newser) - Between the 1940s and 1980s, miners in Ontario went through a strange ritual at the start of every workday: They'd take off their street clothes, enter a room where their work clothes hung, and as soon as the doors closed, watch the room fill with black powder that they... More »

New Photos Show Endangered Amazon Tribe

Miners are getting too close to Yanomami, say activists

(Newser) - New photos have emerged of a tribe deep in the Amazon that shuns contact with the modern world, and the photos bring a mix of good and bad news. On the hopeful side, the aerial images show that the small Yanomami community near the border of Brazil and Venezuela seems... More »

No Miracles: 33 Trapped Miners Found Dead in China

All bodies have been recovered

(Newser) - All 33 coal miners trapped underground by a gas explosion in China have been found dead, reports the AP . Two of their fellow miners made it to safety in the aftermath of Monday's blast, but rescuers working around the clock found no others alive. All bodies have been recovered,... More »

Bolivian Official Tries to Mediate Talks, Ends Up Dead

Rodolfo Illanes was kidnapped, beaten to death

(Newser) - Striking miners in Bolivia kidnapped and beat to death the country's deputy interior minister after he traveled to the area to mediate in the bitter conflict over mining laws, officials say. Government Minister Carlos Romero called it a "cowardly and brutal killing" and asked that the body of... More »

17 Trapped Miners Rescued in New York

They were stuck overnight in an elevator

(Newser) - All 17 miners trapped overnight in an elevator more than 70 stories below ground have been rescued in upstate New York. Miners at the Cargill salt mine in Lansing were starting their shift around 10pm Wednesday when an elevator became jammed 775 feet down an access shaft, officials say. Cargill... More »

Nicaragua Frees 22 Trapped Miners

But 4 are still missing after collapse

(Newser) - Nicaraguan rescuers have saved 22 of at least 26 workers trapped in a mine collapse and were working to find the rest. First lady Rosario Murillo said 20 of the miners were freed late yesterday, in addition to two who made their way to safety shortly after the Thursday morning... More »

Turkey Detains 18 in Mine Disaster

Including at least 2 honchos from Soma Holding

(Newser) - Eighteen people, including company executives, have been detained as Turkish officials investigate the mining disaster that killed 301 people, a domestic news agency is reporting today. The Dogan news agency said Ramazan Dogru, general manager of the mine owned by Soma Holding, and its operations manager, Akin Celik, were among... More »

Engineers: Mining Disaster Was 'Murder'

Anger erupts as PM's aide appears to kick protester

(Newser) - With the death toll now at 282 and the hope of finding survivors diminishing, anger over yesterday's mine disaster in Turkey is spiking fast—and some aren't hesitating to point fingers. "WHAT HAPPENED IN SOMA IS NOT FATE, IT IS MURDER," a branch of the Chamber... More »

Protesters Tear-Gassed After Turkey Mine Blast

Death toll rises to 238; 120 still trapped, says PM

(Newser) - With the death toll from Turkey's mine explosion at 238, some are attacking a mine management system that "thinks only about money," as one worker puts it. Anger has sparked protests, including one that saw 800 student demonstrators hit with tear gas and water cannons in Ankara,... More »

201 Dead, Hundreds Trapped in Turkey Mine Blast

Rescue efforts underway

(Newser) - Yesterday was a deadly day for miners : An explosion and a fire killed at least 201 workers at a coal mine in western Turkey and hundreds more remained trapped underground, government officials said today. Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said 787 people were inside the coal mine in Soma at the... More »

Carbon Monoxide Kills 2 Miners in Colo. Accident

20 others injured

(Newser) - Two miners were killed in Colorado early yesterday, and authorities say they died of carbon monoxide poisoning, the Denver Post reports. The incident at the Revenue-Virginius Mine, near the town of Ouray, was described as a "powder-smoke incident" and was not a cave-in or collapse, the Ouray Watch reports.... More »

83 Miners Buried in Tibet Landslide

Only one body has been found so far

(Newser) - Rescuers digging for victims of a massive landslide at a gold mining site in mountainous Tibet found one body this morning, a day after 83 workers were buried in the disaster, Chinese state media reported. The fate of the other victims was unknown. The workers were buried when about 2.... More »

13 Shot, Hacked in South Africa Mine

Security guards fire rubber bullets amid union-related fight

(Newser) - A labor dispute at a South African mine saw at least 13 workers and security guards shot with rubber bullets or hacked with machetes, according to local reports. Security guards opened fire at the Anglo American Platinum mine, as union factions squared off, Reuters reports. There were no fatalities, though... More »

18 Dead in Russia Mine Explosion

10 bodies recovered so far in blast caused by methane buildup

(Newser) - Eighteen people have been killed in an explosion at a north Russia coal mine, the AP reports, after a deadly methane buildup. Ten bodies have been recovered so far in the Komi region mine. An official tells Russian television that just 23 men were in the mine during the blast;... More »

Mining Company Fires 12K Workers

Striking miner says one was killed with rubber bullets

(Newser) - Anglo American Platinum fired 12,000 striking miners today for staging an unlawful strike that is one of several that are slowly paralyzing South Africa's crucial mining sector. About 80,000 miners, representing 16% of the country's mine workforce, are currently striking in a wave of wildcat work... More »

Charges Dropped Vs. S. African Miners

Workers had been charged after police killed 34 in strike

(Newser) - South African prosecutors are dropping murder charges against 270 miners accused in the deaths of 34 of their co-workers killed by police during a strike , reports the BBC . "Final charges will only be made once all investigations have been completed," said the nation's top prosecutor today. "... More »

South African Miners Charged With Murder

... after police kill 34 of their striking co-workers

(Newser) - This might take a little time to wrap your head around: South African authorities have charged 270 miners with murder after police shot dead more than 30 of their co-workers during a protest earlier this month, reports the Guardian . To do so, prosecutors dusted off an obscure law often used... More »

Miners Barricade Themselves With Explosives

Italian miners fighting to keep their jobs

(Newser) - A group of Italian miners has seized roughly 770 pounds of explosives and barricaded itself underground in an attempt to pressure the Italian government into protecting the mine, Reuters reports. The government is meeting later this week to discuss the Sardinian mine's future, and many workers fear officials will... More »

South Africa Reels as Mine Shooting Toll Hits 35

President Zuma 'shocked and dismayed' by violence

(Newser) - The death toll has risen to more than 35 in yesterday's shooting of striking South African miners by police, which has become one of the deadliest confrontations since the end of apartheid, reports the Telegraph . The country's police minister says many others were injured and the toll is... More »

South Africa Cops Fire at Striking Miners

At least 7 reported killed

(Newser) - The death toll has risen to at least 17 in a week of clashes tied to a miners' strike in South Africa, the AP reports. At least seven people were killed after police fired at striking miners today. Officers, accompanied by armored vehicles, were setting up barbed wire near a... More »

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