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Hate Your Computer? Don't Bully Tech Support

Your frustration, the tech guy's misery

(Newser) - We've all done it: The computer misbehaves and we vent our frustration on tech support. But the ugliest of these confrontations can have real consequences, ABC reports. What the user sees as just blowing off steam, the tech support pro might experience (and report to superiors) as bullying. Aggravating the... More »

Don't Get Mad, Get Even (Financially)

Showing anger in the office boosts men, hurts women

(Newser) - Women who show anger in the workplace undercut their professional standing, but their male counterparts may well be admired for their office rage, says a new study. And public temper tantrums affect more than just co-workers' respect, Reuters reports—test subjects assigned far higher salaries to angry men than to... More »

2 Stories