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Apartment Building Collapses in Mumbai

At least one woman has died

(Newser) - Half of a five-story apartment building collapsed in Mumbai today, killing at least one elderly woman and injuring four others, the AFP reports. At least 20 more are believed to be trapped in the rubble. "Rescue operations are on, but they are difficult due to the heavy rain,"... More »

In Drenched Philippines, Fresh Rain, Misery

Hard rains again fall overnight, sending many fleeing again

(Newser) - Fresh rain fell on the Philippines today, ending yesterday's reprieve, thwarting rescue efforts, and again sending Filipinos scurrying for higher ground as rivers rose and resurgent flood waters washed through city streets. Many evacuees had returned home yesterday, but hard rains overnight and into today meant a second evacuation... More »

Pakistanis Dig In: 'We're Scared of Losing Everything'

Thousands stay behind to safeguard what's left

(Newser) - Somewhere beneath the swirling warm brown floodwaters drenching Pakistan lie the remnants of millions of displaced lives: possessions, crops, livelihoods, the ruins of homes. But even as the amount worth saving dwindles—perhaps a few bedraggled animals, cookware, or transistor radio—thousands upon thousands are digging in and refusing to... More »

India Struggles to Save Millions in Flood

Villagers turning desperate, living on uncooked rice and polluted water

(Newser) - Rescue helicopters are trying to save villagers in India after a dam flooded thousands of towns this month, killing 85, displacing 2 million, and wrecking a quarter-million acres of farmland, the Daily Telegraph reports. Torrential rain kept helicopters grounded for most of yesterday as one boat capsized, killing 20. “... More »

Earliest Monsoon Rains in Century Kill 23 in India

Thousands moved to higher ground

(Newser) - Monsoon rains pelted India two weeks early for the first time in over a century yesterday, killing at least 23 people, AP reports. Villagers died in floods, landslides and building collapses. Rescuers helped at  least 50,000 people in one district in Assam from flooded areas to higher ground, and... More »

Scientists ID Catastrophic Climate Change 'Tipping Zones'

9 danger signs that disaster is inevitable

(Newser) - Scientists have identified nine danger zones where global warming could be pushed past the point of no return within years, the Independent reports. The scenarios include the melting of ice in the Arctic and Antarctic, the collapse of the Indian and West African monsoons, and the death of forests in... More »

Disease Fears Shadow Flood Victims

Relief workers struggle to supply food, medicine to waterlogged South Asia

(Newser) - Humanitarian efforts have come up short following massive floods in South Asia, sparking anger throughout the region. Hard-hit areas such as India's Bihar state have seen fighting over limited food and supplies, the BBC reports. An official in Bihar says relief efforts are now in “high gear,” but... More »

Food Dropped to Indian Villagers

(Newser) - Helicopters dropped food today to some two million Indian villagers left stranded by heavy monsoon rains, the AP reports. Floods in South Asia have driven 19 million from their homes and left hundreds dead. Villagers have been killed by collapsing houses, violent waters and even panicked rhinos as neck-deep water... More »

8 Stories