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No Hiatus: El Bulli Will Close for Good

World's best restaurant, yes, but losing $675K a year

(Newser) - The chef behind the Spanish restaurant many label the world’s best now says he’ll close El Bulli in 2012, rather than just shutter it for 2 years. Ferran Adrià tells the New York Times he and his partner are losing more than $675,000 a year on the... More »

Kiddie Chefs Should Go to Their Rooms

Child foodie trend is an insult to culinary world

(Newser) - Rachel Ray's smile may curdle your soul, but it's nothing next to the "absurd" child foodie trend, writes Regina Schrambling in Slate. From a 12-year-old restaurant critic to a 5-year-old host of a cooking show, a woeful food movement is upon us: "Today chefs barely out of... More »

11 Top Italian Cooking Schools

(Newser) - Savor that Italian vacation by taking a short course at one these cooking schools, highly recommended by Food & Wine magazine:
  1. Cucina con Vista, Florence
  2. Castello Banfi–Il Borgo, Montalcino
  3. Italian Food Artisans, Montepulciano
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Don't Call Them Chefs

Culinary careers outside the kitchen are charming more and more foodies

(Newser) - Culinary school degrees are suddenly leading to careers outside the kitchen, reports the LA Times. In our food-obsessed culture, beer sommeliers, cheese affineurs (aging experts) culinary philanthropists and even food consultants for historical films are increasingly finding outlets for their unique talents. Specialists say their jobs beat working in restaurants,... More »

4 Stories