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Husband Enlists to Get Wife Back Into Chemotherapy

Unemployed Wis. man couldn't afford ballooning health costs, signs on with Army

(Newser) - Out of a job and unable to find work as the recession grinds on, a Wisconsin man desperate to find affordable chemotherapy for his cancer-stricken wife turned to Uncle Sam, but not for a handout—Bill Caudle, 39, enlisted in the Army. “Seventy percent of the reason is for... More »

Uncle Sam Short on Sergeants

Automatic promotions are turning battlefield into a classroom, soldiers say

(Newser) - The US Army, plagued by a shortage of non-commissioned officers, has lowered the bar for promotion so much that it has produced sergeants who are not ready to lead, Salon reports in an investigation of a military stretched thin by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In some cases, soldiers... More »

Black Enlistees Plummet 58%

Lack of support for Iraq war, distrust of Bush, perceived racism cited as reasons

(Newser) - The number of black enlistees in the US military has dropped by 58% since 2000, Defense Department statistics show—a decline dramatically sharper than any other demographic group. In the same period, white applicants are down 10% and Hispanics 7%. The Boston Globe cites lack of support for the Iraq... More »

For Fast Recruits, a Fast $20K

"Quick Ship" bonus meant to remedy enlistee shortage

(Newser) - An understaffed Army is testing out a tidy bonus to entice enlistees who agree to ship out to basic training within 30 days of signing up. The Army will be offering the $20K "Quick Ship" bonus until September to try and reach an increasingly ambitious recruiting goal of 80,... More »

4 Stories