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US Seeks Allies in ISIS Fight —but Not Assad

Obama may greenlight military action in Syria, expanded airstrikes in Iraq

(Newser) - After OKing airstrikes in Iraq and spy flights over Syria in an attempt to rein in ISIS, President Obama has started rallying international allies to expand efforts against the militant Sunni group—efforts that may include even more airstrikes in Iraq and possible military action in Syria, reports the New ... More »

Palin: Back Our 'North Korean Allies'

Glenn Beck corrects her on-air flub

(Newser) - Sarah Palin is taking a razzing today for a verbal gaffe about North Korea. She told Glenn Beck on his radio show that we must “stand with our North Korean allies” before he corrected her. “This speaks to a bigger picture here that certainly scares me in terms... More »

Biden Vows 'New Tone' in Foreign Policy

In Germany, VP cites 'new tone in Washington'

(Newser) - Joe Biden offered an outline of "a new tone" in US foreign policy today, one that puts a priority on diplomacy over military force, Reuters reports. The US also will call on allies for help in handling world threats. “We will engage. We will listen. We will consult.... More »

Pakistanis Fear US May Be Out to Carve Up Nation

Many fear Yanks may be colluding with India

(Newser) - Pakistanis are fearful that the US is part of an India-Afghanistan plot to carve up the nation, writes Jane Perlez in the New York Times. Those worries have been fueled by a theoretical map drawn by US neoconservatives featuring a shrunken Pakistan and larger neighbors. “One of the biggest... More »

Ortega Snubs US, Seals Iran Trade Pact

US wary of Iranian toehold in Latin American 'backyard'

(Newser) - Nicaragua has finalized a trade deal with Iran worth hundreds of millions of dollars despite bitter opposition from Washington, the Guardian reports. The deal will exchange Nicaraguan  bananas, coffee and meat for farm equipment and Iranian funds for infrastructure projects, including a hydroelectric dam, milk-processing plants, housing and a health... More »

5 Stories