Democratic debate

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Big Lines From the Debate

'It was a racist term'

(Newser) - Barbs were flying back and forth at Thursday night's Democratic debate on CNN . Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton sparred early over qualifications , but there were plenty more big lines after that. The Washington Post has a transcript, and here's a sample:
  • Sanders: "Secretary Clinton called them out.
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Sanders Strikes Fast: 'I Do Question Her Judgment'

She dismisses criticism as a 'phony attack'

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton continued the newly aggressive nature of the campaign right from the get-go of Thursday night's debate on CNN . The first question was about Sanders' recent questioning of Clinton's qualifications to be president, and he began nicely enough in response. "Does Secretary Clinton... More »

Clinton-Sanders Debate: What to Watch Thursday

'Make-or-break' for Sanders campaign?

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debate in Brooklyn at 9pm Eastern Thursday on CNN, and most of the advance coverage suggests the stakes are unusually high this time around. A sampling:
  • Why it matters: It's "Sanders’ last chance to shake up the race in a state where he
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The 15 Best Lines From the Democratic Debate

'I am not a natural politician'

(Newser) - Between attacks on Donald Trump , Hillary Clinton's admission she's not a "natural politician," and Bernie Sanders disingenuously praising Clinton's speech-giving ability, there were plenty of quotable moments at Wednesday's Democratic debate in Florida. Here are 15 of the best: More »

Clinton, Sanders Race to the Left on Immigration

'I would not deport children'

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders spent Wednesday's Democratic debate in Florida trying "to get to the left of each other on immigration," as Harry Enten at FiveThirtyEight puts it. Both candidates said they wouldn't deport children or people who aren't criminals. "I want to... More »

Sanders, Clinton Asked if Trump Is a Racist

They didn't say he isn't

(Newser) - Perhaps getting in some practice for the general election, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton spent the opening minutes of Wednesday's Democratic debate in Florida bashing Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. After Univision's moderators attempted to get Clinton to call Trump a racist—bait she refused to take—she turned... More »

Who Won the Democratic Debate

There was nothing 'galactically stupid' from either candidate

(Newser) - The Democratic debate in Flint, Mich., on Sunday night turned out to be a pretty good night for almost everybody involved, analysts say: Neither Hillary Clinton nor Bernie Sanders had any disastrous moments, the city kept its devastating water crisis in the national spotlight, and the party could boast about... More »

Sanders' Remark on 'Ghetto' Causes a Stir

Suggests white people don't know what it's like to be poor

(Newser) - It seems the line from Sunday night's debate causing the biggest amount of buzz on social media came from Bernie Sanders when talking about race in America. After Hillary Clinton said that she, as a white person, has "never had the experience" of so many African-Americans in regard... More »

Best Lines of the Democratic Debate

'It is raining lead in Flint'

(Newser) - Here's a look at some of the biggest lines emerging from Sunday's debate in Michigan between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, via ABC and CNN :
  • Clinton: “I know the state of Michigan has a rainy day fund for emergencies. ... It is raining lead in Flint; and the
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Sanders Tosses His Invisible Wall St. Speeches Into the Air

To make a point against Clinton in debate

(Newser) - After spending the first part of their debate in Michigan criticizing local and state leaders for the Flint water crisis—each called for Gov. Rick Snyder to resign—Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders turned their venom on each other. On the topic of Wall Street, Sanders made a point to... More »

It Was Clinton's Best Debate, but Big Loser Wasn't Bernie

Henry Kissinger came under merciless attack from Bernie Sanders

(Newser) - After Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders faced off in the first Democratic debate since Sanders' big win in New Hampshire, critics agreed there was one big loser: Henry Kissinger, who came under merciless attack from Bernie Sanders. "I'm proud to say that Henry Kissinger is not my friend,... More »

Biggest Lines From the Democratic Debate

“Experience is not the only point. Judgment is'

(Newser) - The first one-on-one debate of the 2016 election provided Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders plenty of opportunity to make their points and land punches. Here are some of the night's biggest lines: (The Washington Post has a full transcript.)
  • Clinton: "If you've got something to say,
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Clinton Accuses Sanders of 'Very Artful Smear'

'If you've got something to say, say it,' she charges

(Newser) - The big attention-getter from the first half of Thursday night's debate is Hillary Clinton accusing Bernie Sanders of a "very artful smear" about her record. Clinton said the Sanders' campaign has been suggesting that she's too cozy with Wall Street donors, reports CNN . "Time and time... More »

Clinton: Yes, I'm a Progressive

Sanders has an unrealistic definition, she complains

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders hit upon a familiar theme of late early in their debate Thursday night: Who is the true progressive on the stage? Clinton for her part quickly busted out what is becoming a common line: "I am a progressive who gets things done," she... More »

Who Won, Lost Democratic Debate

Sanders aimed for the heart; Clinton, the head

(Newser) - The last Democratic debate before Iowa and New Hampshire vote took place Sunday night in South Carolina—and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were taking no prisoners. The pair clashed over and over again throughout the debate, while Martin O'Malley failed to make much of an impact. Here's... More »

Clinton on Relationship With Putin: 'It's, Um, Interesting'

As it so often is with 'bullies'

(Newser) - Asked by Lester Holt to describe her relationship with Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton paused, laughed a little, and said, "It's, um, it's interesting," to laughter. "It's one I think of respect. We've had some very tough dealings with one another and I know... More »

Why Clinton's Bathroom Break Took So Long

It was a lot easier for O'Malley, Sanders

(Newser) - Time for Ally McBeal-style unisex bathrooms at presidential debates? Hillary Clinton was briefly missing after Saturday night's Democratic debate returned from a commercial break, and the reason was bathroom inequality, according to the New York Times . Clinton had to walk one minute and 45 seconds each way to the... More »

Sanders to Clinton: 'I Apologize'

Over the breach of campaign data

(Newser) - The first question at the Democratic debate Saturday night resulted in a rarity: a direct apology from one candidate to another. In this case, it was delivered by Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton in succinct fashion. Asked whether she was owed an apology because one of his staffers improperly breached... More »

Will Sanders Use 'Nuclear Option' in 3rd Debate?

And five other things to look for Saturday night

(Newser) - The third Democratic presidential debate is being held Saturday night in New Hampshire. And while the Dem debates have been less dramatic than their Republican counterparts, a number of experts think that could change Saturday. Here are six things to watch when the prospective nominees (and Martin O'Malley) take... More »

After Low Ratings, Dems Accused of 'Hiding' Debate

Only 8.5m tuned in on Saturday night

(Newser) - A smaller-than-expected number of Americans decided to spend their Saturday night with Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley, and Bernie Sanders, and the latter two campaigns are crying foul. Critics—both Democratic and Republican—have accused the Democratic National Committee of "hiding" the debates at inconvenient times to make Clinton'... More »

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