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South Korean Monks Pray for 1.9M Culled Animals

Foot-and-mouth disease outbreak worst in country's history

(Newser) - Buddhist monks in South Korea held a massive memorial service today for the more than 1.9 million animals killed in a desperate attempt to halt the country’s foot-and-mouth disease outbreak. Surrounded by the faithful, the monks bowed before photos of the culled animals, offering them chrysanthemums as a... More »

GAO Slams Feds for Plan to Build Disease Lab in Tornado Alley

(Newser) - A Homeland Security plan to build a $700 million lab handling highly infectious animal diseases in Kansas' 'Tornado Alley' probably isn't the best idea it's had, the Washington Post reports. A withering report from the Government Accountability Office found that the DHS based its decision on a flawed, hastily done... More »

UK Farmers Facing Tax for Cattle Outbreaks

Bird flu, foot and mouth, cost Britons $246M this year

(Newser) - UK farmers face an $82 million tax bill to pay for curbing cattle infections. Farmers are likely to gripe, the Guardian reports, because diseases have already slammed profits—and the government is to blame for leaking foot and mouth disease from a lab last summer. But the environment ministry is... More »

Bluetongue Means Crisis for UK Farmers

PM signals possible compensation for crippled industry

(Newser) - Bluetongue cases will keep infecting UK cattle and mire farmers in a financial crisis, possibly for years, the Guardian reports. Almost a dozen cows have been hit so far, the first tremor of UK bluetongue after 3,000 cattle were hit this summer in Northern Europe. So far Gordon Brown... More »

Foot and Mouth Disease Reappears in Britain

EU keeps ban on British meat; 2001 outbreak cost $17B

(Newser) - A new case of foot and mouth disease has struck a cattle farm in England—a day after the EU had decided to lift its ban on British beef. The EU will keep the ban for now, Reuters reports, and the British government has sprung into action—quarantining the area,... More »

Sabotage Eyed In Outbreak of Foot-and-Mouth

Investigators target 'bio security' at labs making vaccine

(Newser) - British officials are pursuing the possibility that latest outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease could be the result of sabotage, the Times reports. They've ruled out water leaks spreading the virus from a research lab to nearby farms,and have concluded that "release by human movement must be considered a real... More »

UK Inspects 3rd Foot and Mouth Case

Ban lifted, but farmers urged to be wary of big losses

(Newser) - A third suspected case of foot and mouth disease has been located in southern England, health officials said, as the EU lifted a ban on slaughtering animals but kept up the prohibition on exporting animal products. Meanwhile, the Guardian reports that British veterinary investigators pinpointed two research labs they say... More »

Foot-and-Mouth Turns Up at Second Farm

New suspicions that virus may have spread in floodwaters

(Newser) - England is culling a second herd of cattle feared to have foot-and-mouth disease. The animals were showing symptoms on an unidentified farm within a restricted zone around the area southwest of London where the first outbreak occurred. Investigators were considering the possibility that a flood in July may have spread... More »

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