Operation Iraqi Freedom

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Iraq, Afghanistan Deployments Don't Raise Suicide Risk

But further research needed to analyze combat exposure: scientists

(Newser) - Don't blame the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq just yet for the growing number of military suicides. That's the conclusion of a new study published in JAMA Psychiatry that finds the suicide rate of troops deployed there was only a bit higher than that of troops who've... More »

Bush Didn't Lie About Iraq

Rove says he should have told president to fight

(Newser) - When Democrats accused George W. Bush of falsifying evidence to start the war in Iraq, Karl Rove advised him not to re-litigate the past—and now he thinks it was his biggest mistake in the White House. The Democrats’ assault “was a monument to hypocrisy and cynicism,” Rove... More »

Iraq War Renamed 'Operation New Dawn'

'Operation Iraqi Freedom' history as most troops head home

(Newser) - The Obama administration has rebranded the Iraq War as it prepares to pull out most American troops. "Operation Iraqi Freedom" will become "Operation New Dawn" as of Sept. 1, when US troop levels are supposed to fall to around 50,000, the Washington Post reports. Defense Secretary Robert... More »

Rumsfeld Memos: 'Keep Elevating the Threat'

'Snowflakes' urge linking Iraq and Iran

(Newser) - During his six years as defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld told staffers to “keep elevating the threat” and develop “bumper sticker statements” to sell administration war policies. Internal memos obtained by the Washington Post depict a media- and politics-obsessed Rumsfeld who instructed staffers to link Iraq and Iran, contemplated... More »

US Troops High on Afghan Heroin

Boredom, frustration drive soldiers to cheap, ubiquitous drug

(Newser) - Bored US soldiers have easy access to heroin in poppy-rich Afghanistan, and few fear punishment if they're caught using it, Salon reports. Filmmaker Shaun McCanna says he was able to score heroin easily on over a dozen occasions during his two trips to the war-torn country. More »

5 Stories