PlayStation 3

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Sony Finally Kills the PS2

After 12 years, best-selling console of all time is no more

(Newser) - It was the console that seemed like it would never die, but after 12 years, Sony has finally ceased production on the PlayStation 2, the Guardian reports. (We know what you're thinking: Yes, they were still making PS2s.) The console, originally launched in 2000, ends its run as... More »

PlayStation 3 Gets Hacked

Could make it easier to play pirated games, says BBC

(Newser) - An online leak of security info for Sony's PlayStation 3 could make it easy for hackers to unlock the system and play pirated games on the console, reports the BBC . The information was posted online by a group of hackers identifying themselves as the Three Musketeers. They say they... More »

Facebook Hires Top Hacker

Hire linked to development of iPad app

(Newser) - The hacker who was among the first to unlock the old AT&T iPhones and was sued by Sony for jailbreaking its PlayStation 3 has been hired by Facebook, reports Tech Unwrapped . George Hotz, aka GeoHot, has apparently been trying to keep a low profile since the Sony lawsuit. Analysts... More »

Sony Unveils New 'Vita' Portable Gaming Device

It will be out for $249 later this year

(Newser) - Sony has unveiled its new portable gaming machine—the PlayStation Vita, a touch-interface and motion-sensitive handheld expected to outplay the enormously successful PlayStation Portable. The Vita will go on sale before the winter holidays, starting at $249. The device will allow gamers to be connected with one another over cellphone... More »

Netflix Comes to PlayStation 3

Sony console can finally stream like Xbox

(Newser) - At long last, PlayStation 3 owners will be able to stream Netflix movies to their TVs, the companies announced today. Xbox users have been able to do the same thing for a year, but an exclusive deal with Microsoft kept the service off the PS3 until now. But PS3 users... More »

Gaming Causes Joint Pain in Kids: Study

Child scientist finds 60+ minutes of daily play may cause trouble

(Newser) - The repetitive motions involved in playing video games cause joint pain in children, according to a new study by a true expert—an 11-year-old gamer. Deniz Ince, with the help of his rheumatologist dad, studied joint pain among his fellow video game enthusiasts, aged 7 to 12. More than an... More »

Sony Unveils Smaller, Cheaper PlayStation 3

(Newser) - Sony cut the price of its PlayStation 3 by $100 today and introduced a sleeker but more powerful model, reports CNET. The PS3 Slim will sell for $299 when it's available Sept. 1. The new model is 33% smaller and much lighter, though it has a 120GB hard drive, up... More »

Gamers, Beware This Skin Disorder

Console controller linked to painful hand sores

(Newser) - Dedicated gamers beware—researchers have identified a skin disorder just for you, the BBC reports. “PlayStation palmar hidradenitis” is characterized by painful lumpy sores on the palms. British researchers think it's caused by gripping the controller tightly with sweaty hands for extended periods. Good news, though: Symptoms appear to... More »

YouTube Comes to TV— Through PlayStation 3, Wii

Game consoles—though not Xbox—are new distribution platform for clip site

(Newser) - YouTube has come to the boob tube—clips from the video website can be watched on a conventional TV using either Sony or Nintendo’s current video-game consoles, PC World reports. Using the web browser built into the PlayStation 3 or Wii consoles, viewers can access a streamlined version of... More »

Wii Are the Champions as Holiday Sales Rocket

Game sales stay strong despite recession

(Newser) - Video game sales remain strong despite the flagging economy, reports USA Today. Nintendo Wii had its biggest month ever in November, selling more than 2 million systems, twice what the company sold last November. Microsoft Xbox 360 also had a strong month with best-selling games Gears of War 2, and... More »

With Eye on Xmas, Microsoft Cuts Xbox Price

Maker of game console puts pressure on rival Sony to go lower

(Newser) - Microsoft appears to have fired the first shot in a new round of game-console price cuts, the Financial Times reports, trimming the cost of its Xbox 360 today in Japan. It plans to do likewise shortly in the US. In Japan, the Xbox now costs $184—less than half the... More »

Xbox Price Cut to Clear Way for New Model

Current model slashed $50; new version to offer larger hard drive

(Newser) - Microsoft is slashing the price of its Xbox 360 video game system to clear shelf space for a new model with a larger hard drive, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. The long-rumored price reduction knocks $50 off the $350 price of the 20-gigabyte model. The new pricetag places the Xbox 360... More »

Grand Theft Auto IV Marks the End for Next-Gen Gaming

Look for cheaper games with broader appeal in future, predicts writer

(Newser) - Low sales of Grand Theft Auto IV herald the end of next-gen gaming’s heyday, writes Wagner James Au on GigaOm. The game is selling poorly compared to the previous version, and it hasn’t improved sales of the next-gen Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. “The days when... More »

Sony Profit Up, Forecast Down

PlayStation 3 is finally in the black, but outlook for consumer electronics is weak

(Newser) - Slowing US consumer spending and a strengthening yen are prompting Sony Corp to cut its profit forecast for the fiscal year that ends in March. Estimates released yesterday were cut nearly 8%, to $3.85 billion, despite its PlayStation division showing a profit for the first time in two years,... More »

Video Game Sales Shatter Annual Record

Despite softening economy, $18B total in US marks 43% jump

(Newser) - More video games were sold in 2007 than ever before, with a total of $17.94 billion marking a 43% increase over 2006, reports the AP. Much of the growth came from sales of Nintendo's chronically undersupplied Wii and Microsoft's Halo 3, market researcher NPD Group said. Nintendo dominated gaming... More »

Is the Xbox 360 Going Blu?

"Can't say it's not a bummer,' concedes Microsoft spokesman

(Newser) - Microsoft could be changing roles in the HD wars, as the corporation may consider switching from Toshiba's HD-DVD players to rival Sony's Blu-ray technology in the Xbox 360 if the warning signs of HD-DVD's demise prove true, reports Reuters. The announcement comes in the wake of Warner Bros. last week... More »

Sony Halves Developer Fees for Struggling PlayStation 3

Console lags against rival Nintendo Wii

(Newser) - In its latest effort to revive lagging sales, Sony has halved the price of a software development kit for its PlayStation 3 video game console. Last month, the company slashed the price of the console itself to consumers, in response to fierce competition from the better-selling Nintendo Wii, reports the... More »

PC Gaming World Contracts

As Xbox, Wii, PS3 draw casual gamers away, PCs left with die-hard fans of killing games

(Newser) - The PC gaming industry is on the defensive, with sales of PC games down substantially over the past five years, as less expensive gaming consoles have become more powerful. The Wii, Xbox, and PS3 have lured away casual gamers, leaving the PCs to hardcore gamers playing, first-person shooters and complex... More »

Game Over! Halo 3 Zaps Wii

Game launch boosts XBox 360 sales beyond Nintendo console

(Newser) - The launch of Halo 3 helped XBox 360 sales to zoom beyond Nintendo Wii, making the Microsoft system the hottest selling console in September. MarketWatch reports the extraordinary popularity of Halo 3 also helped push video game software sales up 64% over the same period last year. Game consoles were... More »

Sony Cuts PS3 Price For Xmas

(Newser) - Sony has slashed the price of PlayStation 3 by $100 in advance of holiday shopping; the cheapest console will now be a 40-gigabyte model for $399—down from $499 for a 60-gigger. PlayStation is the priciest of its rivals, and sales have lagged: Compared with 404,000 Nintendo Wiis and... More »

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