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German Plan to Name Train After Anne Frank Condemned

Some displeased with the association

(Newser) - What could be as tasteless as an Anne Frank Halloween costume ? An Anne Frank train, say some in Germany. The state-owned Deutsche Bahn rail company is rolling out a new line of high-speed trains, and it came up with the seemingly innocuous plan of naming them after 25 historical... More »

Germany Will Use Drones to Fight ... Graffiti

(Newser) - Germany's national railway says it spends $10 million a year cleaning up graffiti. Its proposed solution? Drones, which will hover around 500 feet in the air and use cameras and infra-red sensors to catch vandals spray-painting trains at night, the BBC reports. Each drone will cost around $77,600. More »

Hundreds Rescued From 122° German Trains

Air conditioning breaks, windows don't open

(Newser) - The high technology of a modern German train whose windows don't open backfired badly yesterday when the air conditioning broke on 3 trains, sending temperatures inside the trains to 122 degrees and forcing the evacuation of more than 1,000 Deutsche Bahn passengers. One of the trains lost its air... More »

Strikes Hit German Commuters

Train worker walk out in third day; negotiations at a standstill

(Newser) - France isn't the only country suffering a railway strike this week. In Germany, millions of commuters are stranded as a dispute over pay hikes enters its third day. The strike, which began on freight services, has now expanded to commuter trains, reports the Telegraph. It's the most serious strike in... More »

Germany Steels for Rail Strike

Drivers' union action promises major roadblock for summer travelers

(Newser) - A rebellious union of German train drivers has voted overwhelmingly to strike on Thursday, setting the stage for the country's largest industrial action in over a decade, reports the Financial Times. Travelers began canceling trips as the railway dug in, refusing to negotiate with workers and insisting that it could... More »

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