Baby Einstein

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Disney Offers Refunds for Failed Baby Einsteins

Videos may mesmerize kids, but they don't prompt development

(Newser) - Parents disappointed that junior isn't a prodigy can get now get a refund from Disney. Threatened with a class-action lawsuit, the makers of Baby Einstein products have withdrawn claims that the ubiquitous videos are beneficial to childhood development, and offered to refund the $15.99 parents shelled out if they... More »

‘Baby Einstein’ Dumbs Down Toddlers

Videos that claim to jumpstart learning do the opposite

(Newser) - The popular “Baby Einstein” and “Brainy Baby” video series, intended to fast-track young geniuses, actually have negative educational effects, a new study concludes. Infants who watch them have smaller vocabularies than other children, the Los Angeles Times reports, For every hour per day that 8- to 16-month-olds watched... More »

2 Stories