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Police: Mom Tries to Drown Teens, Man Saves Them

Authorities say the New Jersey woman drove her van into a river Tuesday night

(Newser) - A woman tried to drown her three teenage children by driving a van into a river, police say, but all four of them were rescued by a man who said he heard screaming from the partially submerged vehicle. Authorities say Joann Smith, 49, of Florence Township, NJ, drove the van... More »

Sailing Family Won't Be Charged for Baby's Rescue

Cost of rescue operation is not yet known

(Newser) - It took three federal agencies, a fixed-wing aircraft, a Navy warship, and scores of personnel (including four California Air National Guard members who parachuted into the water and swam to the boat) to rescue an ill baby girl and her family from their broken down sailboat 900 miles off the... More »

Sick Child's Parents Defend Round-the-World Sail

Kaufmans insist they 'prepared as well as any sailing crew could'

(Newser) - Eric and Charlotte Kaufman, the parents who took their young daughters on what was supposed to be a round-the-world sailing voyage, are defending that decision after their 1-year-old daughter became ill, their boat stalled, and the family had to be rescued by the US Navy. "We understand there are... More »

Navy Rescues Ill Toddler Off Coast of Mexico

Family was on round-the-world sail when 1-year-old became sick

(Newser) - American sailors rescued a family with an ill 1-year-old baby from a disabled sailboat hundreds of miles off the Mexican coast and today were headed to San Diego to get the girl medical treatment. The girl, along with her family, were helped onto an inflatable raft and then taken aboard... More »

Man Jumps Onto Subway Tracks, Saves Woman

Reporter happens to witness rescue

(Newser) - When a woman fell onto the tracks at a Chicago Blue Line stop yesterday, just as a train was arriving, Eddie Palacios did something very brave: He leaped onto the tracks and waved for the train to stop. DNAinfo Chicago reporter Jon Hansen happened to be on the platform to... More »

Watch Crews Rescue a 4-Year-Old From the Mudslide

And other tales of survival

(Newser) - Positive news is hard to come by when it comes to the mudslide that wiped out a Washington state community, but footage is making the rounds today of a helicopter crew rescuing a 4-year-old boy from the muddy wreckage. Jacob Spillers was home with his two sisters, age 5 and... More »

Teen Dies Saving Girlfriend From Train

And in Chicago, dad dies protecting daughter from attacker

(Newser) - Two stories of heroism and sacrifice from last week:
  • As Mickayla Friend and boyfriend Mateus Moore walked along the train tracks Friday night in Marysville, Calif., on their way to a school dance, they paused to take a picture. Moments later, a train barreled toward them both—and Mickayla's
... More »

Teens Cut Class—and End Up Saving Woman, 94

High school seniors pull her from burning home

(Newser) - Ditching school is usually a bad thing—but in California on Monday, skipping class enabled three teens to become heroes. Garen Kissoyan, Peter Kravariotis, and Kirill Yantikov, all 17-year-old seniors at San Ramon's California High School, were driving down the street on their way to McDonald's when they... More »

Deputy Dangles From Chopper to Rescue Dog

Rescuer, dog both fine

(Newser) - "Hang in there" became a message for both rescuer and rescuee in this video: Oreo, a black-and-white Labrador, got stuck on a two-foot ledge, 40 feet down a 90-foot cliff in Northern California—she couldn't move at all without falling. Oreo's owner called 911 for help Saturday... More »

Driver Saves Dog on Texas Freeway

Video captures rescue in Houston

(Newser) - Two animal rescues are making some headlines:
  • Dog on freeway: A Good Samaritan driving on a Houston freeway pulled over and rescued an injured dog that had somehow found its way into the center of the HOV lane, reports the Huffington Post . Rickey Young finally coaxed the skittish yellow lab
... More »

Daring Divers Save Choking Shark

Grey nurse shark had elastic pressing in on gills

(Newser) - Australian divers got up close and personal with a grey nurse shark that was in desperate need of saving last week in a "first-of-its-kind" rescue caught on tape, via 7News Sydney , picked up by GrindTV . Somehow the young female shark—spotted breathing heavily in a shark habitat off Sydney—... More »

Firefighter's 3 Kids Rescued, by His Own Wife

Rachelle Flatt got them out as house was burning and crews were on the way

(Newser) - A mother in Washington state rescued her three young children from a house fire before firefighters arrived at the scene, reports KREM . It's all the more remarkable because her husband was one of those firefighters rushing to get there. The drama began Tuesday night when Rachelle Flatt of Spokane... More »

Crew Saved as Cargo Ship Splits in Two

Helicopters winch 12 to safety off France

(Newser) - A dramatic rescue operation yesterday brought all 12 crew members to safety when a cargo ship slammed into a breakwater off the coast of France and split in two. Two helicopters winched the men to safety amid rough seas and strong winds and the only injury was a broken nose,... More »

Nurses Rescue Pilot After Mid-Flight Heart Attack

Amy Sorenson and Linda Alweiss hailed as heroes

(Newser) - If there's one question you don't want to hear over the loudspeaker in the middle of a flight, it would probably be "Does anyone on board have any medical experience?" That heart-stopping question became a reality on a United Airlines flight last month when the pilot had... More »

Man Who Can't Swim Survives in Sea —for 60 Hours

Tseng Lien-fa was only slightly dehydrated when rescued from beach

(Newser) - An amazing survival tale out of Taiwan: A man—unable to swim—was able to stay afloat for 60 hours in the sea after a large wave swept him from a beach where he was catching baby eels. "I managed to hold on as the first wave hit me... More »

Rescuers Save Naked Man— From Appliance

With the help of olive oil as lubricant

(Newser) - A game of hide-and-seek turned out to be not so fun for an Australian man this weekend when police, firefighters, paramedics, and a search-and-rescue team were called in to help with his, um, extraction. The man—naked, we might add—had decided to surprise his girlfriend by hiding in a... More »

US Joins in Antarctic Ship Rescue Effort

Coast Guard cutter to aid Russian, Chinese ships

(Newser) - First a Russian ship got trapped in Antarctic ice; then a Chinese ship got stuck trying to rescue it. Finally, passengers on the MV Akademik Shokalskiy were rescued late this week via helicopter while crew members remained. The saga continues amid concerns about the Chinese vessel : Now the US Coast... More »

Dog 'Saved My Life' in Subway Fall: Blind Man

Cecil Williams' dog Orlando jumped right in after man fainted

(Newser) - When a blind man fainted and tumbled onto subway tracks, his guide dog was there to protect him—and both survived being run over by a train. When Cecil Williams, 60, got lightheaded on the Manhattan platform, his black lab, Orlando, tried to keep him away from the tracks. But... More »

Miracle Shipwreck Survivor Nearly Missed Rescuer

Nigerian had to swim out of his air pocket twice to get diver's attention

(Newser) - He had survived three days in an upside down tugboat at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean , and then he saw lights in the water. A diver was coming. Rescue seemed imminent for Harrison Odjegba Okene. But then the lights disappeared. Desperate, Okene swam through pitch-dark waters in the sunken... More »

Video Records Amazing Undersea Rescue

It shows divers' astonishment that cook had survived nearly 3 days

(Newser) - News that a tugboat's cook had survived being trapped underwater for nearly three days came out six months ago . But it wasn't until this week that video emerged showing the dramatic moment when Harrison Okene's outstretched hands reached toward his rescue divers, and they realized to their... More »

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