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Obama's Risky Soft Spot: Ivy league White Guys

Frank Rich: They're preventing him from going after Wall Street

(Newser) - Former Times columnist Frank Rich makes his debut in New York magazine today with a harsh assessment of President Obama's handling of the aftermath of the economic meltdown. Obama has been way too soft on Wall Street, argues Rich, who complains of a "stunning lack of accountability for... More »

Don't Credit Twitter for Egypt

Connecting social media to uprisings evidence of American ignorance

(Newser) - The American media's attempts to link the Egyptian protests to the Internet and online networking are just another sign of America's isolation and ignorance, writes Frank Rich in the New York Times . Rich calls the focus on Facebook and Twitter "implicit, simplistic Western chauvinism"—"How fabulous that... More »

Whine All You Want: Obama Gets It Done

He's no Michael Moore—he's a pragmatist, and he keeps scoring

(Newser) - Frank Rich and Paul Krugman can rail all they want, fueled by their disappointment that President Obama is no “Michael Moore in chief.” These “brilliant men" are “profoundly resistant to the core rationale of the Obama presidency"—a strategy that’s working well as Obama... More »

Smithsonian Exhibit Uproar Shows Homophobia's OK

National Portrait Gallery in throes of old 'culture wars'

(Newser) - The Smithsonian’s removal of a video that showed ants crawling on a crucifix amounts to Washington “gay bashing,” writes Frank Rich in the New York Times . Gay artist David Wojnarowicz's artwork wasn’t taken down because it offended Christians—that was just a “perfunctory cover for... More »

Hey Obama: Where's Your Backbone?

'Weightless' president must stop trying to please GOP

(Newser) - It’s like he has Stockholm Syndrome: instead of standing up for his beliefs, Obama keeps trying to please his Republican captors, seeing their “good side” while they take advantage of him, writes Frank Rich in the New York Times . “A chief executive who repeatedly presents himself as... More »

Palin in 2012: Yes, She Can

She defies logic, but it's hers if she wants it

(Newser) - Frank Rich can see 2012 from his keyboard, and it's looking like Sarah Palin's year—no matter how loudly Democrats and Republicans alike deride her celebrity, thin resumé, and nonstop gaffes. "If logic applied to Palin's career trajectory, this month might have been dreadful," he writes for the... More »

Obama Needs a B-Team

Dissent among insiders could save his presidency

(Newser) - President Obama’s top advisers have had their chance, and Tuesday proves they blew it, writes American Prospect editor Robert Kuttner. The trouble is that “an in-group of experts often becomes an echo chamber, reinforcing their own prejudices and excluding people with different views,” he notes in the... More »

US Is Pissed, and It Won't Stop Nov. 2

Only economic recovery can soothe the country's anger

(Newser) - Carl Paladino, New York's gay-bashing , racist email-sending gubernatorial candidate, may be the most "clownish" illustration of American rage, but he's no anomaly, writes Frank Rich in the New York Times . And, like the "farcical" Christine O'Donnell, Paladino is a "political loss-leader" whose probable defeat lets us laugh... More »

Christine O'Donnell: 'Very Useful Idiot'

Lends 'populist cover' to billionaire-backed movement

(Newser) - Christine O'Donnell's fictional resume and anti-masturbation antics may have liberals laughing , but she's no joke, writes Frank Rich in the New York Times . Her ascent is a pure "godsend" for the GOP. Unlike Rove and the Republican old guard, O'Donnell is more than willing to "play the role... More »

Rove, Cheney Just Making History Up

Bushies' conjurings 'know few bounds'

(Newser) - The simultaneous arrival of Karl Rove's memoir and Liz Cheney's "right-wing noise machine" means the "revisionist floodgates have opened," writes Frank Rich for the New York Times , a "rewriting of history that knows few bounds." And while Rove's book better passes for fiction and Cheney's... More »

NY 23rd: GOP's Lose-Lose War

Righties are now a 'wacky, paranoid cult eager to eat' their own

(Newser) - Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are the undisputed standard-bearers for true conservatives, and they've just led a suicidal attack in upstate New York in what's become "a riotous and bloody national GOP civil war." For Frank Rich , there's only one sure outcome: 'Republicans are the sure losers" in... More »

Obama Using Tired Tricks of the Trail

The brouhaha followed by speech is getting old

(Newser) - President Obama’s strategy for dealing with fallout from political controversy is growing tired, writes Frank Rich in the New York TImes. First, Obama stays cool as the crazies and 24-hour news networks explode; then, at a “superdramatic moment,” he delivers a speech the media “reliably hypes... More »

Obama Love Affair Over for Liberal Pundits

One-time cheerleaders' support is 'wobbly'

(Newser) - During the campaign, lefty pundits offered Barack Obama some of “the most favorable coverage that any White House contender has drawn in a generation.” Now, those same commentators’ support for the president is looking “wobbly,” writes Howard Kurtz in the Washington Post. “I find myself... More »

Socialist? Worse, He May Be a 'Corporatist': Frank Rich

(Newser) - Republicans sometimes trot out the word "socialist" to slam President Obama, but they've got it exactly backward, writes Frank Rich in the New York Times. The bigger fear—the one causing disillusionment and justified cynicism among his supporters—"is that he might be just another corporatist, punking voters... More »

Beck, Dobbs Fear the Rise of Minorities: Rich

White elites too often succumb to 'Village People populism'

(Newser) - A nation bored by dreary, knotty debates about health care found relief in another National Conversation on Race. “This one,” as Frank Rich writes in the New York Times of last week’s ballyhooed Beer Summit, “ended with a burp,” but the hangover could last well... More »

Media Should Learn From Cronkite: Grow a Backbone

Today's press too cozy with Washington

(Newser) - It wasn’t Walter Cronkite’s “avuncular persona” or his reaction to the JFK assassination that made him “the most trusted man in America,” Frank Rich writes in the New York Times—it was his willingness to challenge the halls of power. That’s become increasingly rare... More »

Right Fans Flames of Extremist Fury: Rich

Right-wing rhetoric complicit in rise of extremism

(Newser) - When a Fox News anchor cautions against the rising extremism of hate-driven Americans, as Shepard Smith did after the Holocaust Museum shooting, we should take note, argues Frank Rich in the New York Times. Unlike his fear-mongering colleagues, says Rich, Smith—not known for having an agenda—had "extraordinary... More »

Sotomayor Shows Democrats' True Face

Confirm her, but make sure the country sees what it voted for

(Newser) - The people voted for Democrats, and Sonia Sotomayor reflects the views of the winning party. For that, writes Charles Krauthammer in the Washington Post, she deserves confirmation. But Republicans should seize the moment to illustrate what liberalism leads to. They should call Frank Ricci, the firefighter Sotomayor denied promotion. “... More »

With News, 'We Get What We Pay For'

Sick media must not die

(Newser) - We know the mainstream media is sick, but it doesn’t have to die, writes Frank Rich in the New York Times. When television appeared, people worried it would eat movies, Broadway, and radio; all these forms still exist, having “learned to adapt and to collaborate with the monster.... More »

Old Gray Lady Grabs Obama by the Ear

Krugman, Friedman, Dowd, Rich, editorial board all pile on prez

(Newser) - The Obama administration bore an avalanche of criticism this weekend from the usually friendly New York Times. Influential columnists Paul Krugman, Frank Rich, Thomas Friedman, and Maureen Dowd—plus the paper’s editorial board—all piled on a president who “is increasingly overwhelmed, and not fully appreciative of the... More »

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