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We Need a for College Admissions

Our current system is badly outdated: Kevin Carey

(Newser) - It's time to bring the college admissions process into the modern age, writes Kevin Carey at the Atlantic . He doesn't mean the process by which elite students get into Ivy League schools—he means the real world, where the vast majority of students end up picking a school... More »

IQ Tests for 4-Year-Olds Reveal Nothing but Wealth

Gifted and talented programs might as well just choose rich kids

(Newser) - A common fear among high school juniors is an SAT score so bad it derails ambitious future plans. A similar fear grips affluent New Yorkers—but the kids in question are 4-year-olds taking IQ tests. The tests are de rigueur for admission to prestigious kindergartens, which feed into top high... More »

NY College Offers Freshmen $10K to Wait a Year

Ithaca finds novel solution to over-enrollment

(Newser) - Ithaca College faced flagging enrollment last year, so it loosened admissions criteria. But that backfired: The New York school admitted 250 students more than it can accommodate this year. Even after building a temporary dorm, the college still doesn’t have room for 31 of them, so it’s making... More »

Colleges Use Student Blogs as Free PR

Warts-and-all posts by undergrads can lure savvy prospects

(Newser) - Colleges are loosening the reins on student bloggers in hopes that a dose of candid commentary will lure prospective applicants. At MIT, for instance, bloggers paid by the admissions office go about their work with no fear of censorship. That policy has caused some friction—including a spat between the... More »

Personality Test to Supplement Grad Exams

Prospective students will be ranked on creativity, ethics

(Newser) - For students applying to graduate school, good GREs and warm recommendation letters will soon not be enough. The Educational Testing Service has developed an index for professors and supervisors to use to rank students on a 1-to-5 scale for attributes like teamwork, creativity and integrity. The goal of the questionnaire... More »

Pols Pushed U. of Illinois Into Taking Students

'Clout list' just amounts to 'blackmail:' critics

(Newser) - Prominent state lawmakers have been pressuring administrators at the University of Illinois to accept favored applicants or risk facing their wrath, the Chicago Tribune reports. Analyzing 1,800 documents, the paper found that subpar applicants on a “clout list” gained admission over the objections of admissions officers after school... More »

College President Disputes Rankings

U.S. News accused of fabricating average SAT scores

(Newser) - A college president is lobbing allegations of shoddy journalism at U.S. News magazine, accusing its annual college-ranking guide of fabricating data for its upcoming report. Although Sarah Lawrence tossed out its SAT requirement for incoming freshman, president Michele Tolela Myers says U.S. News decided to assign an average... More »

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