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Happiest State Is Also Deadliest, for Workers

That would be North Dakota, with 17.7 deaths per 100K

(Newser) - With the nation's fastest-growing economy and lowest unemployment rate, it's no wonder North Dakota is the happiest state in the country—but it's also the deadliest for workers. According to a new report from the AFL-CIO, oil and gas workers are six times more likely to die... More »

Business, Labor Approve Foreign-Worker Program

Group of 8 bipartisan senators yet to sign off, however

(Newser) - America's top labor and business groups reached an agreement last night over the final sticking point in overhauling the country's immigration laws , the Washington Post reports. Talking to Sen. Charles Schumer on a conference call, the AFL-CIO's boss and the president of the US Chamber of Commerce... More »

A Union Killed Hostess— but Not the One You Think

Holman Jenkins thinks the Teamsters are to blame for the Twinkie-maker's exit

(Newser) - What killed Hostess? Don't believe the people blaming private equity or America's changing tastes. Labor was the real culprit, writes Holman Jenkins at the Wall Street Journal , but don't blame the striking bakery union, which is, at worst, "guilty of perfectly justifiable attempted homicide." No,... More »

AFL-CIO Prez: Obama in Bed With Tea Party

AFL-CIO leader warns organization could ditch Democratic convention

(Newser) - America's top union official delivered a verbal slap to President Obama today, saying Obama has hopped aboard the Tea Party bandwagon while throwing jobs under the bus, reports Talking Points Memo. So it's decision time, says the AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka: Obama can buckle down on unemployment, or... More »

Torqued at Dems, Unions Sit on Wallets

Support to House Democrats drops nearly 50% in first quarter

(Newser) - Angry at lack of support by the Democratic Party in the face of Republican attacks, unions have sharply cut back their financial support, reports the Washington Post . Union political action committee spending for House Democrats dropped nearly in half for the first quarter of 2011, compared to the same period... More »

White House Blasts Labor for Wasting $10M in Ark.

Attempt to oust Blanche Lincoln was 'pointless'

(Newser) - The White House didn't waste much time harumphing about the labor movement's failed attempt to oust Blanche Lincoln. Ben Smith of Politico says a senior official called with a pointed message: "Organized labor just flushed $10 million of their members' money down the toilet on a pointless exercise. If... More »

Obama Rallies Labor to Back Reform

President rallies for support at AFL-CIO rally, Ohio GM plant

(Newser) - President Obama returned to friendly territory at an AFL-CIO rally in Pittsburgh and a GM plant in Ohio today to rally support for his health care reform plans, the Wall Street Journal reports. Noting that the issue had been talked “to death,” Obama asked the audience of AFL-CIO... More »

Obama Asks Unions for Health-Reform Support

President expresses support for public option in speech to AFL-CIO

(Newser) - President Obama honored the achievements of organized labor today, pointing out that iniatives like the minimum wage and paid vacation “bear the union label,” the AP reports. Speaking at an AFL-CIO meeting in Cincinnati, Obama asked for union support in his push to reform the health care system,... More »

Public Option a 'Must' for Health Care Reform: Key Dems

White House waffling worries progressives

(Newser) - Leading advocates for health care reform are concerned about the Obama administration’s apparent willingness to drop a government-run insurance program from the package in order to ensure the support of the Senate, the Washington Post reports. Prominent Democratic senators have voiced support for the public option, with John Rockefeller... More »

'08 Saw More Raises for CEOs: Survey

(Newser) - More American CEOs than not received raises in 2008, Reuters reports. An AFL-CIO poll of 946 chief executives saw 480 with increased pay, while 463 took a cut. Salaries were up 7%, too; execs with raises earned an average of $5.4 million, while those who saw cuts took in... More »

Labor Rivals Unite to Push Immigration Reform

Yes on legalization, no on guest-workers, say AFL-CIO, Change to Win

(Newser) - America’s two labor umbrella groups may be archrivals, but on immigration reform, they’ve agreed to put up a common front, which could be a big boon to White House hopes, reports the New York Times. The AFL-CIO and Change to Win have agreed to push for the legalization... More »

Specter's Choice Saves Obama Labor Headache

GOP senator's threat to kill bill means Dems won't have to pick sides

(Newser) - Republican Sen. Arlen Specter’s choice to oppose a bill to ease unionization will let President Obama and congressional Democrats avoid a tough choice between labor and business interests, Politico notes. Obama had promised to sign the Employee Free Choice Act, but would have infuriated businesses whose support he needs.... More »

Union Ad Urges Vets to Abandon McCain

AFL-CIO spot aims to separate war record from economic policy

(Newser) - Worried about the appeal John McCain has for military veterans among its members, the AFL-CIO is launching an advertising campaign criticizing the Republican's economic policies, the Chicago Tribune reports. The union will spend $53.4 million on the campaign, running mainly in places like Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Virginia— battleground... More »

Labor Blasts Obama's Top Economist

Unions worry that candidate is tilting toward Wall Street

(Newser) - After locking up the Democratic nomination, Barack Obama moved quickly to bring Clinton supporters into his general election tent, including Robert Rubin, President Clinton's treasury secretary. Jason Furman, an economist closely associated with Rubin, was hired as economic policy director, and that's provoked the ire of labor unions, who see... More »

Apple Shareholders Demand Say on Executive Pay

Union proposal OK'd at annual meeting

(Newser) - Apple shareholders have approved a motion giving them some input into executive pay levels, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. "I hope it will help me with my $1 a year salary," quipped CEO Steve Jobs after the vote at the company's annual meeting—though Jobs bags millions of... More »

Clinton/Obama Question Splits Labor Unions

Dems worry base too bitterly divided to unite behind single nominee

(Newser) - Labor unions are the foundation of any Democratic campaign, but that foundation in the '08 race remains clearly split between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the LA Times reports. Both have fervent support among different unions, and tension within the party is running high, raising fears that the base won't... More »

Judge Blocks Crackdown on Immigrant Workers

Nixes plan to track Social Security numbers

(Newser) - In a major blow to the Bush Administration, a federal judge has blocked a controversial program to find illegal immigrants in the workplace by tracking discrepancies in their Social Security data. A US district judge ruled the crackdown by the Department of Homeland Security would "subject employers to greater... More »

Feds Get Tough on Employers of Illegals

Raids, deportations expected as Washington tightens rules

(Newser) - Immigration officials are set to step up raids on employers across America suspected of hiring illegal immigrants, the New York Times reports.  The tough enforcement action will back up new rules to be announced this week requiring bosses to fire workers who use false Social Security numbers, which are... More »

Edwards Goes All-Out in Courting Labor

Candidate can't count on AFL-CIO but can target individual unions

(Newser) - Even though he can’t expect broad endorsement, John Edwards is pushing hard for labor support, hoping to rack up the backing of a slew of individual unions. The Washington Post reports ahead of tonight’s AFL-CIO-sponsored Democratic forum that union backing is key to the Southerner’s strategy, even... More »

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