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8 Weekly World News Characters That Could Hit TV

DreamWorks developing TV show after tabloid signs with agency

(Newser) - Who needs Batman when you can have Bat Boy? The iconic Weekly World News creation is expected to arrive at a TV near you now that the tabloid has signed with CAA, according to the Hollywood Reporter. "You're seeing an embrace of the fringe," says WWN’s CEO.... More »

Good News for Bat Boy: Weekly World News Is Back

New owner plans to resurrect tab online

(Newser) - The Weekly World News—you know, of Bat Boy and "Hillary Clinton Adopts Alien Baby" fame—is, like Elvis, back from the dead. The supermarket tab folded last year, but now it has a new owner and a new life online. "We really think this audience lives online,... More »

Scribe Says Bye to Cool Tabloid

Fell in love with 'parallel universe' of funny stories

(Newser) - Gone is the tabloid that claimed "February Sues for More Days" and "Hide-and-Seek Player Found After 34 Years," but what becomes of its writers? At least one is still missing his calling as an inventor of comedy-news. In Salon, Stan Sinberg recalls how he conceived tall tales... More »

Alert the Aliens: Weekly World News Dead at 28

Not even Elvis can save iconic tabloid from lagging print industry

(Newser) - For 28 years, it was the “world’s most reliable newspaper,” replete with stories of Elvis sightings, alien babies, and dwarf-eating dieters. But the Weekly World News is no more. The black-and-white publication, known for its loose headlines and even looser facts, will publish its final print edition... More »

4 Stories