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Jesuit University Cuts Off Hannibal Buress Mid-Set

Loyola didn't like jokes about priest abuse

(Newser) - Somebody at Chicago's Loyola University wasn't laughing when Hannibal Buress started cracking jokes about Catholic Church sex scandals during a performance Saturday night. The funnyman, who'd been booked to appear at the Jesuit college's two-night "Colossus" show, had his microphone cut soon after his set... More »

The Best Prison Breaks

Frenchman's joins infamous company with clever escape

(Newser) - A Frenchman’s daring escape from a London prison—Julien Chautard turned himself in yesterday after busting out by gripping the bottom of a prisoner transport van as it left the courtyard—gets Jon Henley, in the Guardian, thinking about the best such tries ever. His highlights: More »

Real Priest Urges Virtual Soul-Searching

Second Life fertile ground for new Catholic converts, Jesuit says

(Newser) - A Jesuit academic is encouraging fellow believers to take the word of God to a new world—virtual reality. In a Roman Jesuit journal, Father Antonio Spadaro urges missionaries to preach the good life in Second Life, describing the online simulation game as packed with real souls to save, Reuters... More »

3 Stories