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Germany Opens Neo-Nazi Trial

Beate Zschaepe accused in 10 murders, mostly of immigrants

(Newser) - Beate Zschaepe, the last surviving member of a Neo-Nazi trio accused of 10 murders between 2000 and 2007, goes on trial today in Munich, in a case that is riveting Germany. Zschaepe is charged in the killings of eight Turkish immigrants , a Greek immigrant, and a German police officer, but... More »

Clinton: 'We Have Extremists in My Country'

Hillary makes reference to Jared Lee Loughner on UAE talk show

(Newser) - No euphemisms for Hillary Clinton. While speaking on a United Arab Emirates talk show today, the secretary of state compared the Tucson shooter to a ideologically driven terrorist, the Los Angeles Times reports. “Look, we have extremists in my country,” she said. “A wonderful, incredibly brave young... More »

Republicans Have Gone Dangerously Negative

We must not reward extremism in November

(Newser) - Republicans have gone insanely negative this year, on the theory that “in an election, a solid ‘no’ usually beats an uneasy ‘yes, but,’” writes EJ Dionne of the Washington Post . Democrats, after all, used the same principle to win big in 2006 and 2008, telling... More »

Congressional Death Threats Up 300%: FBI

Most suspects are men with guns, many mentally disturbed

(Newser) - Death threats against members of Congress are up 300% this year, the FBI tells Politico , and almost everyone doing the threatening owns guns. Capitol Police say they've had to dramatically step up security efforts, which were also boosted in 2009. “We have about 12 open cases at any given... More »

At Fort Hood, a Community Troubled by Missed Clues

Hasan left trail of descent toward violence

(Newser) - In retrospect, there were plenty of hints: On the morning of Nov. 5, Nidal Hasan gave away his groceries to one neighbor; left a phone message for another, saying, "Nice knowing you, friend"; and told another that Muslims will "do anything to be closer to God." He... More »

There's Not More Extremists, Just More Internet

The fringes aren't more prevalent, but they are more visible

(Newser) - With all the left- and right-wing "extremism" out there, the media love pushing the narrative that "the country is coming apart at the seams! The center is dying!” But it’s not true, writes Nate Silver. A glance at long-running polls show Americans identify with the fringes... More »

US Eyes Saudi Rehab for Yemeni Detainees

But Saudi Arabia not jumping at the chance to take in Guantanamo detainees

(Newser) - When a Saudi Arabian returns home from Guantanamo Bay, a top Saudi prince personally informs their families—then asks them to sign guarantees that he will not return to terrorism. It’s part of Saudi Arabia’s highly effective extremist rehabilitation program, which has so far graduated 108 detainees. Now,... More »

Extremist UK Party Linked to Museum Shooter

Von Brunn attended fundraisers in US for whites-only BNP

(Newser) - Alleged Holocaust Museum shooter James von Brunn has links to the British National Party, the whites-only extremist bloc that won two seats in the European Parliament in last week's vote, reports the Guardian. Von Brunn attended fundraising meetings of an American affiliate of the group, although he is not believed... More »

Watch Out World, You're Going Gray

Aging, population decline mark next decades

(Newser) - Wall Street's a wreck and terrorists are clamoring for WMDs, but the world's real crisis is far worse: It's getting old, Neil Howe and Richard Jackson write in the Washington Post. By the 2020s, baby boomers will push the median age in Western Europe and Japan to near 50,... More »

India Must Crack Down on Muslims, Hindus Alike

Time to end divisive religious tactics

(Newser) - The terrorist attacks in Mumbai are tied to growing disillusionment among Indians with a government that manipulates religious divisions for political gain, writes Dileep Padgaonkar in the Washington Post. Each party accuses the other of pandering to a religious constituency, be it Muslim or Hindu—and such posturing has filtered... More »

UK Bars Foreign 'Preachers of Hate'

Measure also targets animal-rights groups, anti-abortionists

(Newser) - Britain has new rules designed to keep “preachers of hate” off the island, the Telegraph reports. The measures shift the burden of proof from authorities to the foreign-born accused, who must retract controversial statements and sometimes make pro-democracy public statements to enter or remain in the UK. While terrorists... More »

Democracy to Avenge Bhutto's Death: Zardari

Prez nominee says no deal was cut with departing Musharraf

(Newser) - Democracy will avenge Benazir Bhutto's death and diminish rising extremism in Pakistan, Bhutto's widower tells Newsweek. Asif Ali Zardari, now a presidential nominee, says he cut no deal with departing president Pervez Musharraf and hopes he will stay to witness rule by the people. “Personally I would like him... More »

A Double Standard for White Preachers?

Why do we excoriate Wright but let his right-wing counterparts slide?

(Newser) - While Jeremiah Wright is hammered from all sides for his left-wing rhetoric, Washington Post writer EJ Dionne Jr. wonders why the same degree of backlash fails to surface over extreme statements from right-wing white preachers. Among many examples: Pat Robertson and the late Jerry Falwell famously linked feminists and gays... More »

Al Qaeda Expands With "Corporate Takeovers"

Gives groups arms, training, and support

(Newser) - Al Qaeda is expanding its size and abilities through "corporate-style takeovers" of regional extremist groups—offering arms, training, and support in return for allegiance. Analysts say this expansion represents a huge threat to the West, as the terrorist organization gains thousands of willing foot soldiers.  "They are... More »

Intelligence Community Doubts Iraqi Leadership

Big insurgent offensive may be in the works

(Newser) - A National Intelligence Estimate released today reveals that the US intelligence community doubts Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki has the ability to lead the country effectively, CNN reports. Coming one day after President Bush defended Maliki in a speech, the report by US intelligence agencies also expresses worry over a possible... More »

Musharraf Talks at Peace Jirga

General meets with Afghan and Pakistani leaders to discuss extremism

(Newser) - Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf  today pledged to fight the "particularly dark form" of extremism that afflicts his country and Afghanistan, speaking to 600 tribal leaders from the two countries at the close of a peace jirga in Kabul, the AP reports. He said the rise of militancy is preventing... More »

Musharraf Meets with Exiled Pakistani Leader

Bhutto, a former rival, could be key ally in his bid for re-election

(Newser) - Embattled Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf met with exiled opposition leader Benazir Bhutto yesterday in Abu Dhabi to rally support, sources tell CNN. The two leaders haven’t spoken since Musharraf seized power in 1999, but their reps have been talking for months.  Musharraf hopes to hang on to the... More »

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