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Why Hearing 'Voices' May Not Necessarily Be a Bad Thing

Scientists: Psychics may be able to harness coping mechanisms to help others

(Newser) - When people say they hear voices no one else can, it can be an indication of mental illness, such as schizophrenia, or it could be some sort of auditory hallucination—and per Joseph Frankel's examination in the Atlantic , some scientists think such a sensory glitch might not always be... More »

Schizophrenic-Like Traits Let Some Tickle Themselves

Could shed light on schizophrenic hallucinations

(Newser) - More than a decade ago, scientists established a link between schizophrenia and the rare ability to tickle oneself. Now researchers in France have expanded on the findings, reporting in the journal Consciousness and Cognition that the behavior can be found not just in those with full-blown schizophrenia but in otherwise... More »

Stare Into a Person's Eyes and Weird Things Will Happen

Researcher Giovanni Caputo had 20 people do the long stare

(Newser) - Want to experience LSD-like hallucinations without actually having to ingest any drugs? Try staring into someone's eyes in a dimly lit room for 10 minutes. It worked for Jenni Avins, who sat down a colleague in a supply closet, stared into her eyes, and saw her facial contours replaced... More »

'Fake' Marijuana K2 Gets Kids Perilously High

Mix of herbs sprayed with psychotropic compound is legal, for now

(Newser) - The “fake weed” sweeping the US isn’t marijuana, but it packs a stronger punch—and it’s legal. “K2” or “spice” is a mix of herbs and a chemical compound that’s sold as incense at—coincidentally, we’re sure—the same price as real pot.... More »

Coffee Can Make You Hallucinate, Study Says

Too much caffeine increases odds of seeing, hearing things

(Newser) - Caffeine junkies shouldn’t always trust their ears, according to a new study. Subjects who drank the equivalent of seven cups of coffee proved three times more likely to hear voices, and slightly more likely to experience other hallucinations, than those consuming less than a cup’s worth. Researchers theorize... More »

Jackson Penned Grisly Play Starring His Kids

Written in 2006, play sees kids confront, befriend murderer

(Newser) - Michael Jackson wrote a bizarre play in which his own children confront a child murderer—and discover he’s not such a bad guy. Acquired by News of the World with other memorabilia and papers, the play stars Paris and Michael Prince II Jackson, who enter the “endless black... More »

Caffeine Linked to Hallucination

Drinking 3+ cups of strong joe triples chances of hearing or seeing things: study

(Newser) - People with high caffeine intake are three times more likely to experience hallucinations, including voices, visions, and ghosts, LiveScience reports. A study found that subjects who consumed three cups of brewed coffee, or seven of instant, were more prone to freaking out than their temperate brethren. Researchers think caffeine’s... More »

Absinthe's Back but Thrill's Gone

Hallucinogenic ingredient has all but disappeared

(Newser) - The "Green Fairy" may have led Van Gogh to cut off his ear, but don't expect newly legal absinthe to cause anyone to do the same, reports Time magazine. New federal regulations allow the anise-flavor liquor only a trace of thujone, the chemical from wormwood that supposedly causes hallucinations.... More »

Reefer Madness: Marijuana Ups Psychosis Risk

New study reveals that pot smokers have a 41% increased chance of psychosis

(Newser) - Smoking pot increases your risk of developing schizophrenia and other forms of psychotic illness later in life, according to a new study. Partakers had a 41% higher chance of developing psychosis with hallucinations or delusions—a risk that only increased with heavy use. The findings may push the UK to... More »

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