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Today's Supreme Court Case May Reverberate 'Centuries'

Justices consider Obama's recess appointments; weighty decisions loom this term

(Newser) - The Supreme Court isn't taking on a lot of cases over the next 100 days—in fact, this March, it will review just half its usual caseload, the Washington Post reports. But the cases it is examining are big ones. Today, for instance, the court is considering just when... More »

Supreme Court Deals Blow to Affirmative Action

Justices sent Abigail Fisher case back for review

(Newser) - The Supreme Court overwhelmingly struck down a lower court decision upholding the University of Texas at Austin's affirmative action program today, sending Abigail Fisher's case back to a lower court for review. The decision was 7-1, with only Ruth Bader Ginsburg dissenting (and Elena Kagan recusing herself). Anthony... More »

Courts Could Nix Obama Recess Appointments

Courts may not want to say what constitutes a Senate session

(Newser) - Legal experts doubt President Obama's controversial "recess appointment" of Richard Cordray will hold up in court—including some experts who've sided with him in the past, the Hill reports. "It's untested ground," says one Harvard constitutional law expert. "If I were a judge,... More »

Obama Defies Congress With More Recess Appointments

He picks three for National Labor Relations Board

(Newser) - President Obama isn't winning much love among his political enemies on Capitol Hill today. Hours after making a controversial recess appointment to lead the new consumer protection agency, the president announced three more—this time to the National Labor Relations Board. The move will please the president's pro-union... More »

Obama Uses Recess Appointments to Thwart GOP

Picks include two for labor board backed by unions

(Newser) - Barack Obama is using the presidential prerogative of recess appointments for the first time to bypass a Republican logjam in the Senate. Obama made 15 such appointments today, complaining that GOP senators were blocking his nominees to score "political points." The picks include two nominees backed by unions... More »

Senate Confirms 27 Obama Nominees

Critics accuse GOP of 'blinking'

(Newser) - Twenty-seven Obama nominees were confirmed last night following a tense exchange between the president and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Critics accused McConnell and the GOP of "blinking" in the face of the president's threat to make recess appointments over the President's Day break. Republicans denied the claim, saying... More »

Harry Reid Changes Tune on Recess Appointments

Urges Obama to skirt GOP holds

(Newser) - Harry Reid thinks its time for Barack Obama to make some recess appointments, a procedural move the majority leader vehemently opposed when George Bush was in power. “What alternative do we have?” Reid said last week, exasperated over Richard Shelby’s move to place a hold on all of... More »

Senators Fly Solo, Foiling Bush Move

Seconds-long sessions continue, preventing recess appointments

(Newser) - A contentious Justice Department nomination lies behind Harry Reid's plan to keep the Senate in session over the holidays, if only for seconds at a time. Dems offered to give the White House a pass on a slew of other recess appointments in exchange for putting controversial terrorism expert Steven... More »

The Hill Has Recess, But It's No Fun

Seconds-long Senate sessions stave off controversial appointments

(Newser) - Democrats in Congress are keeping a watchful eye on President Bush and preventing him from making any appointments during the monthlong holiday recess. The strategy requires the Senate to be in session every couple of days—even if only for a few seconds. On Friday, the Politico reports, the Senate... More »

Swift Boater Gets Recess Appointment

Bush slips three controversial conservatives past Senate

(Newser) - President Bush doled out three major recess appointments yesterday to  conservatives Democrats found distasteful. Ambassador to Belgium went to Sam Fox, a top-tier donor to Republican causes including Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the 527 that sank John Kerry’s shot at the White House. More »

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