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Banker's Unsolved Murder Gets Much Stranger

Bloomberg looks into unsolved case of Maurice Spagnoletti

(Newser) - In 2011, a New Jersey transplant named Maurice Spagnoletti was gunned down in Puerto Rico while driving home from work. The murder, which remains unsolved, made international headlines given Spagnoletti's work: He was a 57-year-old bank executive who was trying to turn around the failing Doral Bank in San... More »

Human Skull in Shop Triggers Investigation

Media descends on "Omi Relekun" in Compton, Calif.

(Newser) - Authorities have found one human skull and eight containers with potentially more at a Los Angeles-area shop that sells spiritual items. Los Angeles County sheriff's Capt. Steve Katz says deputies responded to the Compton business Friday after a woman complained of animal cruelty. When investigators arrived, Katz says they... More »

Cops: 5 Dead Americans Stolen for Arcane Religion

Amador Medina was apparently practicing Santeria

(Newser) - Have skeletal remains lying around at home? Yeah, that's a bit of a problem—as Amador Medina learned when police accused him of keeping five disinterred bodies at his Hartford, Conn., apartment. Medina, 32, allegedly paid someone to dig up the three adults and two children for use in... More »

Florida Police Employees Fired for Trying to Cast Spell

They allegedly tried to drive out superior with birdseed

(Newser) - A pair of Florida police employees had hoped their magic spell would get rid of their boss—but it wound up sending them packing instead. With budget cuts looming over the North Miami Police Department, longtime cop Elizabeth Torres and office manager Yvonne Rodriguez had plotted to sprinkle enchanted birdseed... More »

Principal Fired for Staff Santeria Rites

Candles, incense and chicken blood didn't earn A's from bosses

(Newser) - A New York City public school principal's head is on the chopping block for forcing teachers to participate in spiritual cleansing rituals using chicken blood and incense, the AP reports. The principal paid another woman to perform several ceremonies practiced by followers of  Santeria, a Caribbean blend of  Christianity and... More »

5 Stories