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Black Lung Rates Rise 900%: Report

Appalachian coal miners contracting disease with prevalence not seen since '70s

(Newser) - Just 15 years ago, scientists were confident that the advanced, incurable version of black lung disease had been all but wiped out. Now, coal miners in Appalachia are contracting the illness—also known as progressive massive fibrosis—at rates not seen since the 1970s, the Courier-Journal reports. A National Institute... More »

20 Jobs That Could Kill You

Fishing, mining not for the faint of heart

(Newser) - Tunneling deep into the earth is dangerous business, as West Virginian miners were reminded this week. With that in mind, the Daily Beast takes a look at the most dangerous professions, broken down by deaths per 100,000, injuries per 100,000, and average annual salary:
  1. Fisherman: 129 deaths, 61
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Canaries Get Company in Coal Mines: Recent Grads

Industry luring youth to replace aging workforce

(Newser) - Coal-mining companies are successfully recruiting college kids, promising better work conditions than the industry’s muddied image might suggest, the Christian Science Monitor reports. Some 60% of the current workforce could retire over the next decade, and jobs are suddenly abundant; young people are finding themselves explaining to their parents... More »

Most Dangerous Science Jobs

Forget toiling in a lab coat—only mad scientists need apply

(Newser) - Science isn't just lab rats and microscopes—how does flying into hurricanes grab you? The most hazardous occupations for you biology, chemistry, and physics nerds:
  1. Astronaut: 24 US deaths since 1961.
  2. Biosafety lab researcher: Handle earth's deadliest diseases.
  3. Hurricane hunter: Fly into tempests to gauge pressure and wind speed.
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4 Stories