Left Behind

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Tim Lahaye: Obama Bringing the Apocalypse

We're 'living in the end times,' apparently

(Newser) - Did you know socialism is a leading cause of biblical annihilation? Neither did we, but then, we’re not Tim LaHaye, the novelist who wrote a whole pile of books about the end times. In this clip from a recent episode of Mike Huckabee's show, spotted by the Huffington Post... More »

Born-Again Actor Leads Charge into Iraq

Commentators cry foul over evangelical care packages

(Newser) - A ventriloquist and a born-again movie star are among those headed for Iraq to entertain US soldiers and fold them into the arms of the Lord, writes Max Blumenthal in the Nation. All well and good, but this version of the Almighty, delivered by the likes of Stephen Baldwin, is... More »

2 Stories