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Passengers Were in Cockpit of Polish Plane

Bolsters theory that the pilots were pressured to land

(Newser) - Passengers were in the cockpit of the plane carrying the Polish president before it crashed, say Russian investigators. The flight recorder has revealed the presence of one person who has been identified (the identity hasn't been made public), and at least one other, who "will be identified by the... More »

Polish Regime Continues to Crumble

Kaczynski sacks interior minister as early elections loom

(Newser) - Poland's Kaczynski regime came to the brink of collapse today following the dismissal of the country's interior minister on corruption allegations, writes the International Herald Tribune. The Kaczynskis, whose two years at the top of Polish politics have increasingly isolated the nation in Europe, have conceded that early elections are... More »

2 Stories