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John Oliver Wins This Round Against Coal Mogul

Judge dismisses Bob Murray's lawsuit

(Newser) - In the battle of John Oliver vs. coal mogul Bob Murray, Oliver has come out on top in one big way. Murray sued Oliver for defamation over the late-night host's Last Week Tonight takedown of the coal industry in general and Murray in particular , but last week, a West... More »

Rescue Workers Will Bore One Last Hole

Company decides to close mine permanently

(Newser) - Workers will bore a final hole in a bid to locate six miners lost in a Utah mine, but if that fails, the operation will be halted and the mine closed as a kind of memorial tomb, the owner said yesterday. "We're not going to risk more live people... More »

Families, Critics Question Safety of Utah Mine

Mourner assails company owner at rescue worker's funeral

(Newser) - A friend of a missing miner insulted the mining company CEO at a funeral yesterday as critics around the country pointed fingers. They say a safety organization has gone too easy on Bob Murray, letting him engage in dangerous “retreat mining” even though his mines are prone to “... More »

Mine Owner: They're Probably Dead

Miners' bodies may never be recovered

(Newser) - The trapped Utah miners are most likely dead, and their bodies may never be recovered, mine owner Robert Murray acknowledged to bereaved family members last night. Following the death of three rescuers—and a report from mining experts concluding that further attempts would be an unacceptable risk—underground rescue efforts... More »

Mine Rescue Effort Called Off

(Newser) - The search for the six men trapped in a collapsed Utah mine for the last 12 days has been halted indefinitely after a seismic "bump" at 6:39 PM yesterday caused a second cave-in, killing three rescuers, injuring six, and highlighting that the Crandall Canyon mine remains fraught with... More »

3 Rescue Workers Killed in Mine

Community reels as seismic jolt triggers new accident

(Newser) - Three men have died and six were injured in another collapse at a Utah mine where the team was working to save six trapped miners, reports the New York Times. "It's a devastating blow to what was already a tragic situation," said the local mayor. The accident yesterday... More »

9 Injured in 2nd Mine Collapse

(Newser) - At least nine rescuers at the Utah mine where six miners were trapped last week are injured after seismic activity may have caused another cave-in, CNN reports. Six or more ambulances and two helicopters rushed to the Crandall Canyon mine tonight to transport the wounded rescuers to the hospital. More »

New Images Offer Hope at Mine

After sounds, emergency camera detects space of fresh air

(Newser) - Hours after rescuers in Utah detected noise from the collapsed mine, images from a videocamera lowered into the disaster site offered a glimmer of hope, the AP reports. Although the camera did not pick up the miners, it did film a ventilation curtain used to ensure workers have access to... More »

Rescuers Hear 'Noise' in Mine

Crews start drilling toward unknown sound

(Newser) - Rescuers digging for men who have been trapped underground for 10 days heard noise inside the mine today, prompting crews to drill a fourth hole in the sound's direction. They described hearing 5 minutes of “noise” through seismic geophones, ignighting some hope in an otherwise-discouraging rescue effort. "There's... More »

Officials to Drill Third Hole at Utah Mine

Poorly lit video spies equipment but no sign of missing miners

(Newser) - Mine officials will drill a third hole to locate six Utah miners trapped for close to a week, the AP reports. A video camera with poor lighting was lowered into a hole yesterday and found mining equipment, but no sign of the miners. Still, rescuers said they were treating the... More »

No Sign of Trapped Miners

Air tests reveal plenty of oxygen in pierced chamber

(Newser) - A microphone lowered into a Utah coal mine cavity through a 2.5-inch hole has so far picked up no signs of life from six miners believed to be trapped there. Mine Company CEO Bob Murray cautioned against interpreting the development as bad news. He said the "good news"... More »

Rescuers 500 Feet From Miners

Crews have drilled to within 500 feet of where the miners are thought to be

(Newser) - Rescue crews have drilled to within 500 feet of where the trapped Utah coal miners are thought to be. The small hole—2 1/2 inches in diameter and now down to a depth of 1,000 feet—would allow a communication line to be dropped. A larger hole—now at... More »

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