racial inequality

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David Brooks Changes His Mind on Reparations

'Times' columnist thinks they might be the only way to heal the race divide

(Newser) - Five years ago, one of the most prominent black pundits, Ta-Nehisi Coates, made the case that the US should pay reparations to African-Americans over slavery. At the time, New York Times columnist David Brooks, who is white, was skeptical. "What about the recent African immigrants?" he recalls thinking. "... More »

Race Debate Rages After Halsey Tweet About Hotel Shampoo

The singer said hotels only have 'white people shampoo'

(Newser) - A singer has sparked a race debate with a complaint about the type of shampoo provided by most hotels. Taking to Twitter , Halsey asserted that the haircare products that hotel chains give to guests are useless for people of color, per the Washington Post . “I’ve been traveling for... More »

These States Have Made Most Racial Progress

Wyoming, Texas, and Georgia are the top 3

(Newser) - Black History Month is fast approaching, and while much progress has been made since Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech, discrimination, segregation, and systemic racism still remain. WalletHub wanted to acknowledge the US states that have made strides in both current integration and racial... More »

White Parents Fight Dress Code They Say Targets Black Girls

'When our daughters walk with us, they have our white privilege'

(Newser) - When twins Mya and Deanna Cook got permission to get braided hair extensions last spring, their white parents Aaron and Colleen Cook say it was in part to let their adopted daughters celebrate their black heritage. But it didn't take long for the 16-year-old students at Mystic Valley Regional... More »

Obama on Kaepernick: 'Tough Thing' for Service Members

But president says he supports NFL player's 'active citizenry'

(Newser) - Everyone is weighing in on the Colin Kaepernick controversy , from the cops who say they may stop providing security at 49ers games to the female soccer player who took a knee in support of Kaepernick at her own game Sunday. Now a more high-profile defender is speaking up: President Obama,... More »

South's History of 'Racial Terror': 700 Newly Found Lynchings

Equal Justice Initiative documents 3,959 'racial terror lynchings' over 73 years

(Newser) - Lest we forget: The Equal Justice Initiative today released a report that documents 3,959 "racial terror lynchings" throughout 12 Southern states over the 1877 to 1950 period. That's "at least 700 more lynchings of black people in these states than previously reported," reports the EJI... More »

Community Colleges Are a Segregated Mess

Hamilton Nolan: Racial inequality is rampant, and we need to fix it

(Newser) - America's community colleges have big problems with segregation and racial inequality, according to two new studies noted by Inside Higher Ed . Consider that mostly white colleges average 85 students per staff, but mostly black ones average nearly 300. Think of it this way, suggests Hamilton Nolan at Gawker : These... More »

Rick Perry Asked to Halt Tomorrow's Execution

Jury told black men pose greater danger

(Newser) - Lawyers for Duane Edward Buck are urging Texas Gov. Rick Perry to step in and stay their client's execution, scheduled for tomorrow, citing racially biased testimony presented at his sentencing hearing. Texas law requires juries to decide if a defendant poses a “future danger” when deciding whether to... More »

Blacks Smoke Less Pot, But Get Arrested More

LA Times: This 'unequal enforcement' must end

(Newser) - White people smoke pot at a higher rate than black people, says the government, but you'd never guess that from police reports. In California, blacks are arrested far more frequently for marijuana possession than whites—at 13 times the rate in some areas, notes the Los Angeles Times editorial board.... More »

Civil Rights Leaders Talk Jobs With Obama

President promises to improve economy for black Americans

(Newser) - President Obama met with some of the country’s top civil rights leaders last night, laying out his plans to improve the economic conditions that have sent black unemployment soaring to 16.5%. Al Sharpton, NAACP head Benjamin Jealous, and National Urban League chief Marc Morial all braved the snow... More »

Black Optimism Surges

About 40% say they're better off now than 5 years ago, up from 20%

(Newser) - The last two years have seen a big increase in black Americans’ sense of how well-off they are in society. A Pew poll concludes that the election of President Obama was a “spur for this sharp rise in optimism,” in which 39% of respondents say they are better... More »

White Firefighters' Bias Claims Head to High Court

Conn. team complained after promotion test dumped

(Newser) - Hoping to become lieutenants, 77 New Haven firefighters took a promotion test—but when none of the 19 black firefighters qualified, the city jettisoned the results. Their hopes dashed, 17 white firefighters sued the city for racial discrimination, and the case is now set for the Supreme Court. It marks... More »

Phelps Gets Off Easy Thanks to Image, Not Race

Goody-goodies, black or white, see minimal hit for taking hits

(Newser) - Those who think Michael Phelps would be facing harsher treatment if he were black are “stuck in the 1960s,” Jason Whitlock writes for Fox Sports. “Image is everything whether you're black or white.” Only bad boys get hung out to dry when controversy calls—Phelps was... More »

Can Michelle Defy Stereotypes?

Why hasn't the 'Claire Huxtable' generation been accepted into the mainstream?

(Newser) - It's no wonder Michelle Obama is being criticized from all sides: She's an outspoken, successful black woman, writes Sophia A. Nelson in the Washington Post. "This society can't even see a woman like Michelle Obama. All it sees is a black woman and attaches stereotypes," a prominent female... More »

Racial Divide Persists Despite Obama: Poll

Racial attitudes have barely budged despite groundbreaking run

(Newser) - Barack Obama's often hailed "post-racial" run for the White House is, in fact, unfolding in an America still sharply divided by race, a New York Times/CBS News poll has discovered. The lives of most Americans are as racially segregated as they were 8 years ago, the poll says. Black... More »

S. Africa Reclassifies Chinese as 'Black'

Group can now benefit from post-apartheid equality programs

(Newser) - South Africa's high court has decided Chinese people should be reclassified as black, the London Times reports. The country's 20,000 citizens of Chinese origin had complained that they were left out of programs aimed at reversing inequalities created under apartheid, despite having been discriminated against under white rule. A... More »

MLK Son: We Need Cabinet Post for Poverty

40 years later, much work remains, he says

(Newser) - The son of Martin Luther King says the nation can best commemorate the 40th anniversary of his father's assassination by taking concrete action to fight poverty. In an essay in the  Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Martin Luther King III called on the presidential candidates to commit to creating a Cabinet position, one... More »

Older (White) Americans Live Longer, Larger

Study sees age, wealth increasing, but gap remains between races

(Newser) - Americans over age 65 have better financial security, are better educated and expected to live far longer than ever, a study finds—but huge gaps remain between results for whites and those for blacks and Latinos. "The life expectancy gap between whites and blacks has narrowed but is still... More »

Michelle Obama College Thesis Muses on Race

Studies void between blacks and whites at Princeton and beyond

(Newser) - Michelle Obama’s 1985 Princeton thesis—whose unavailability at the university has prompted blogger suspicions—discusses the concerns of a black woman in a sphere dominated by whites. In the 96-page document, scored by Politico from the Obama campaign, Mrs. Obama writes that to white students, it seems “I... More »

For Blacks, Income Ladder More Like Chute

Middle-class children much less likely to pass parents than whites

(Newser) - Middle-class African Americans are much less likely to surpass their parents’ income than their white counterparts, a new study finds. Overall, two-thirds of American adults earned more than their parents, adjusted for inflation. But among the black middle class, 69% are making less. “Black children and white children do... More »

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