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Monkey See, Monkey Fall, Monkey Cause National Blackout

Primate that fell on transformer is lucky to be alive

(Newser) - A "rogue" operative caused a nearly four-hour power outage across Kenya on Tuesday, the BBC reports. That agent of blackout chaos: a monkey that fell onto a transformer of the country's leading electric power-generating company, per the AP . In a statement on its Facebook page , accompanied by a... More »

Blackout Hits Detroit

City officials say power is slowly returning to 900 sites

(Newser) - Officials say power is slowly returning to Detroit after a "major cable failure" killed the lights in several parts of the city, the AP reports. The outage struck over 900 sites city-wide, the Detroit Free Press reports, shutting down nearly all traffic lights and trapping many people in elevators... More »

Atlanta Losing Power as 'Catastrophic' Storm Begins

Georgia governor: Ice 'our biggest enemy'

(Newser) - The warnings haven't minced words , and the potentially "catastrophic" weather set to hit the South has begun, with Atlanta already feeling the effects: Some 39,000 and counting have lost power there, with that number climbing by the thousands within spans as short as 10 minutes. In terms... More »

70% of Venezuela Goes Dark

President Nicolas Maduro blames saboteurs

(Newser) - Activity in Venezuela effectively ground to a halt yesterday, as a blackout plunged 70% of the country into darkness just after noon. Parts of the capital, which the AP reports normally escapes such outages, were affected, rendering traffic lights dark and forcing companies to send thousands of workers home. The... More »

Kenya Plunged Into Darkness

Entire nation loses power

(Newser) - The entire nation of Kenya is experiencing a blackout, Reuters reports. The power grid failed today after two transmission lines went down, causing a ripple effect. Kenya Power, the country's only power distributor, says it's attempting "to restore power as quickly as possible." It's not... More »

Almost 150K Still Without Power After Storm

But don't call it a 'blizzard'

(Newser) - The Northeast is still digging its way out from under the snow that winter storm don't-call-it-Nemo dumped on it, with almost 150,000 still without power, the AP reports. Most of those—126,000—are in Massachusetts, though that's a big improvement from the more than 400,000... More »

Manholes Spout Fire in Downtown Omaha

Electrical fire causes underground explosions

(Newser) - Talk about pyrotechnics: Several manhole covers in downtown Omaha popped their lids and spouted fire last night after an electrical blaze caused underground explosions, Gawker reports. What's more, a local resident somehow snapped a photo of the moment. Omaha public workers were still trying to restore power downtown this... More »

Planes Sent to Evacuate Russians in Syria

As power outage strikes Damascus

(Newser) - Moscow sent two planes to pick up Russian citizens trapped in Syria's civil war today as a power outage struck Damascus and a swath of the country's south, report Russia Today and the AP . The Russian planes were headed for Beirut, where about 100 people, mostly women and... More »

NY Man Wages War Against Con Ed, Wants It Banned

Robert Prignoli sues power company for $500M in wake of Sandy

(Newser) - Robert Prignoli's Staten Island home was not damaged during Superstorm Sandy; its basement didn't flood; and there were no downed power lines in his neighborhood, thanks to the fact that they're underground. Yet he was still without power for 17 days, while nearly everyone else on his... More »

Sandy Victim Powers Home ... With Prius

Bob Sakala uses inverter to power lights, TV, computer

(Newser) - Hey, turns out that the Prius is good for more than just saving on gas: Bob Sakala, a New Jersey resident who lost electricity during Hurricane Sandy, managed to power some of the lights in his home as well as his TV, laptop, and modem using only some heavy-duty extension... More »

Nor'easter Covers NYC, NJ in Snow

Once again, thousands lose power

(Newser) - Mother Nature continues to kick the Northeast around: New Jersey has been hit with significant snowfall from a Nor'easter, with Accuweather reporting 13 inches in one town. The storm dumped six inches on parts of New York City as well, while southern Connecticut saw 10 inches, the New York ... More »

Sandy Death Toll Hits 26; State-By-State Updates

With a lion's share of casualties in New York

(Newser) - The East Coast is picking up the pieces and searching for bodies in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, even as states further inland brace for impact. The total US death toll is up to at least 26, according to CNN , including at least 10 in New York City alone, and... More »

Greek Outages, Flight Delays Blamed on ... Errant Balloon

Helium balloon knocked out Athens' main flight radar

(Newser) - Greece saw a power failure over the weekend that caused Athens' main flight radar to go down, causing flight delays for more than an hour—and it was all thanks to a balloon. The "aluminized" helium balloon first caused a 13-minute power outage, and the radar shut down 40... More »

Power Outage in Cuba Leaves Millions in Dark

Havana hit hardest, but outages reported around country

(Newser) - A power outage last night in Cuba left millions in the dark and sweltering heat, reports the AP . The outage hit around 8pm, affecting large parts of Havana for more than five hours, as well as the beach resort of Varadero, and there were even reports of brief power problems... More »

Power Still Out for 57K in Louisiana

One reported dead of heat stroke

(Newser) - Hurricane Isaac was no Katrina, but it has left its mark on Louisiana all the same. It's been almost a week since the storm hit, and in that time utility companies have restored power to 92% of homes, according to Entergy —meaning nearly 57,000 homes are still... More »

Aging US Power Grid Is Failing

Power outages becoming increasingly critical problem

(Newser) - The power towers in Ritchie County, West Virginia, were designed to withstand winds far in excess of 70 mph. But when winds that strong swept through on June 29, it knocked out four towers in a row. "I don't remember a time when this many came down,"... More »

What the Massive Blackout Says About India

Embarrassing questions raised for country with big ambitions

(Newser) - India's power outage —among the biggest in the history of the world—is over, with the situation returning to what the power minister called "normal" by last night. But the questions are just beginning, note the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times . The blackout,... More »

600M Without Power as India's Grid Again Fails

3 grids go down amid soaring demand on taxed system

(Newser) - India's maxed-out northern power grid went down a second day today, and this time it wasn't alone. The nation's eastern and northeastern power grids failed, too, plunging more than half of all Indians into darkness in one of the biggest blackouts the globe has seen. Some 600... More »

Hundreds of Millions Lose Power in India

Northern power grid fails for first time since 2001

(Newser) - Northern India's power grid went down for the first time since 2001 early this morning, throwing hundreds of millions of people into the dark. Hundreds of trains ground to a halt and hospitals were forced to use generators after the country's northern grid crashed around 2:30am, unable... More »

Huge Storm Kills Power in Northeast, Plains

At least two possible tornadoes reported

(Newser) - Hundreds of thousands lost power yesterday, compliments of a massive storm system that battered the Plains and Northeast. At one point yesterday the National Weather Service had severe thunderstorm watches in effect across a swath stretching from Oklahoma all the way to New Jersey, CNN reports. There were reports of... More »

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