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Where OJ Simpson Lives, 'Works' Now

He's living in a Vegas mansion, signing autographs: TMZ

(Newser) - OJ Simpson's new digs are a big upgrade from a prison cell. TMZ reports he's currently living in a 5,000-square-foot Las Vegas mansion, inside a gated community and next to a golf course. The five-bedroom, 5.5-bath home includes its own private putting green as well, plus... More »

Major Civil War Battlefield Is Now a Crime Scene

Looting a federal battlefield is a crime that can carry a $20K fine, 2 years in prison

(Newser) - Just days before the area's major commemorative events linked to Memorial Day, the National Park Service has announced that Virginia's Petersburg National Battlefield is an "active crime scene," reports CNN. "Earlier this week, one of the park employees was out doing landscape work and noticed... More »

Son of Punk Icons to Burn $7M in Memorabilia

It's a protest against 'mainstream' celebrations of punk

(Newser) - Joe Corre's collection of punk memorabilia is worth $7.2 million—and it will soon go up in flames. The son of late Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren and punk fashion designer Vivienne Westwood says he'll burn his "vast amounts" of clothing and artifacts from the era... More »

Most Famous Movie Piano Sells for $3.4M

'Casablanca' instrument still had piece of gum stuck to it

(Newser) - The most famous piano in movie history has been sold at auction for $3.4 million—complete with a "petrified chewing gum wad stuck to underside of keyboard." The piano that featured heavily in Casablanca was the star of a sale of movie memorabilia at Bonhams in New... More »

Slice of Diana's Wedding Cake Sells for $1.4K

It's 33 years old now

(Newser) - Somewhere out there is what the Independent calls a "passionate group of royal cake collectors." And one member of that group shelled out $1,375 this week for a 33-year-old slice of cake served at Charles and Diana's wedding in 1981. "With best wishes from Their... More »

'Unseen' John Lennon Letter Rants About Pee Incident

Music legend sells out his two pals for urinating in studio

(Newser) - It was a letter dubbed "A Matter of Pee." In it, an irritated John Lennon wrote to producer Phil Spector that it was Who drummer Keith Moon—a hell-raiser with a thing for blowing up toilets and TVs—and singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson who urinated on a recording console... More »

Dorothy's Wizard of Oz Dress Fetches $480K

Iconic dress snapped up in Hollywood auction

(Newser) - The blue gingham dress Judy Garland wore as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz was the star of a two-day auction of Hollywood memorabilia. An unidentified buyer paid $480,000 for the dress made by famous MGM costume designer Adrian Greenberg, and another buyer shelled out $33,750 for a... More »

Guy Sells 20-Year-Old McJordan Sauce for $10K

Says he hopes buyer won't try to eat it

(Newser) - A man who used to own McDonald's restaurants in North Dakota is about $10,000 richer after selling a 20-year-old container of McJordan barbecue sauce to a buyer in Chicago. The sauce was used on McJordan Burgers, a promotional dish named for basketball icon Michael Jordan, sold in limited... More »

Koch Billionaire Builds Private 'Old West' Town

Bill Koch reserves town for friends, family, and historians

(Newser) - Jesse James, Wyatt Earp, and General Custer would be proud of Colorado's new town—but they might not be allowed inside. The replica Old West town is billionaire Bill Koch's ode to a pricey obsession: American frontier memorabilia. Built on Koch's 6,400-acre Bear Ranch property, the... More »

Titanic Lunch Menu May Fetch $150K

It's from the ship's final day and goes up for auction next month

(Newser) - A lunch menu from the Titanic's final day afloat is expected to fetch about $150,000 when it goes up for auction in England next month, reports the Telegraph . The menu came from a first-class table: The wife of San Francisco banker Washington Dodge tucked it into her purse... More »

Booming 'Murderabilia' Sales Spur Outrage

Victims' rights advocates slam 'insidious and despicable industry'

(Newser) - Sales of the personal effects, letters, and even fingernail clippings of mass murderers and serial killers are stronger than ever thanks to the Internet, but victims' rights advocates say it's time to end the trade in "murderabilia," the Washington Post reports. Only eight states have laws banning... More »

Star Wars Camera Sells for Out-of-This-World $625K

Sale sets new record for Star Wars memorabilia

(Newser) - The camera used to film the first Star Wars movie has sold for an astronomical $625,000 at a movie memorabilia auction. The late '60s Panavision PSR 35mm camera, which is still in working order, went to an anonymous buyer at the sale of actress Debbie Reynolds' collection of... More »

For Sale: John Lennon's Tooth

It's expected to fetch more than $15K

(Newser) - Looking for some incredibly weird and expensive yet vaguely gross memorabilia for the Beatles fan on your Christmas list? Well you’re in luck, because one of John Lennon’s teeth will go up for auction at Omega Auctions in Stockport, England, next month, where it’s expected to fetch... More »

Big Lebowski Cardigan Up for Auction

You can wear the Dude's favorite sweater

(Newser) - The Dude's cardigan is going up for auction. The sweater favored by Jeff Bridges' character in the Big Lebowski will be part of a Hollywood memorabilia auction in Beverly Hills on May 14-15, reports the Oregonian . (The Oregon angle: It was made by a local company.) Starting bid... More »

Oswald's Coffin Up for Auction

Funeral home hoping to get thousands for battered old coffin

(Newser) - A funeral home is selling off maybe the creepiest piece of Kennedy memorabilia ever: the coffin Lee Harvey Oswald was originally buried in. The coffin was dug up in 1981 to settle a dispute between Oswald’s widow and brother over whether a lookalike Russian agent had been buried in... More »

Lennon's Scribbled 'Day in the Life' Lyrics on Sale

Handwritten sheet expected to fetch $700K

(Newser) - Sotheby's is about to auction off a kind of Dead Sea Scroll for Beatles fans: John Lennon's handwritten—in felt marker and blue ink—lyrics sheet for “Day in the Life,” the revered final track from Sgt. Pepper that, in the words of the auction house's marketing department,... More »

EBay De-Lists Kevorkian's Van

Says it violates 'murderabilia' rule

(Newser) - Jack Kevorkian's old assisted suicide van can't be sold on eBay, the company decided yesterday, because it's “murderabilia,” and hence violates eBay's policies. The 1968 Volkswagen van had drawn a high bid of $3,400 before the company pulled it down, telling the AP that it “does... More »

Marilyn Monroe's Chest X-Ray on Sale

Finance papers, shrink couch also at auction

(Newser) - An image of Marilyn Monroe that may be too revealing even for the most ardent fan will be hitting the auction block later this year. A 1954 chest X-Ray of the star taken by a young doctor at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles will be among an assortment of... More »

X-Box Signed by Sarah Palin on EBay for $1.1M

Man tries for third time to unload weird, expensive souvenir

(Newser) - In what can only be described as the deal of the century, eBay user dmorrill321, aka David Morrill, is currently selling an actual “60GB, perfect-condition” X-Box 360, signed by actual unemployed person Sarah Palin, for the low-low opening bid of $1,100,000—plus shipping and handling. It’s... More »

Pez Sues Calif. Museum Over Outsized Dispenser

(Newser) - Pez is suing a California store and museum over an 8-foot-tall dispenser custom-made for the establishment—and thus not sanctioned by the Austrian candy-maker, the San Jose Mercury News reports. “From a branding perspective, I think Pez should embrace the Dosses and the museum, instead of trying to attack... More »

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