Spirit Airlines

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Breastfeeding Mother Kicked Off Flight

A truly lousy travel day for one Houston woman

(Newser) - A delayed flight at 6:30am may already sound like a travel nightmare, but that was only the beginning for one Houston woman on Friday. Mei Rui, a concert pianist and cancer researcher, was traveling from her home to Newark along with her elderly parents and 2-year-old son when they... More »

Coroner Reveals Fatal Drug Combo for Pilot, Wife

Brian and Courtney Halye injected cocaine laced with elephant tranquilizer carfentanil

(Newser) - The reason four kids in Ohio woke up to find their parents dead : Brian and Courtney Halye not only injected cocaine, they injected cocaine laced with a tranquilizer so potent it's used on elephants and rhinos. The Montgomery County coroner has concluded that the Halyes used cocaine mixed with... More »

Spirit Cancels Multiple Flights, Melee Breaks Out

Police called to the scene at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport

(Newser) - Spirit Airlines customers were not happy when as many as nine flights were canceled Monday night at Florida's Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport—in fact, they were so unhappy, police had to be called in. Video posted by onlookers and witness reports detail a massively chaotic scene, complete with yelling... More »

Least Favorite Airline in US May Not Be Who You Think

It's Spirit, not United

(Newser) - And the airline US passengers hate most is ... Spirit? Yes, the budget carrier came in last on the American Customer Satisfaction Index for the third consecutive year, despite quite a bit of recent negative publicity for fellow airline United. The customer interviews stopped being collected in March, before United's... More »

Flight Attendant in Hot Water Over Tarmac Photo

But others say posing in jet engine wells is a harmless tradition

(Newser) - Passengers on a recent Spirit Airlines flight out of Chicago who were disturbed by an incident on the tarmac may not want to check out the #stewsforericka hashtag on Twitter. That's because there are loads of photos of flight attendants posing for snapshots in jet engine wells—a show... More »

Spirit Air Doesn't Care You Hate All Its Extra Fees

Because people are booking lots of flights with cheap fares

(Newser) - "No one goes to Chick-fil-A and complains they can't get a burger. And people shouldn't come to Spirit if they want lots of legroom." That quote's source? Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza speaking to the Wall Street Journal , explaining that yes, there've been lots... More »

Airline Ad Pokes Fun at Toronto Mayor

Spirit Airlines hopes Rob Ford can help sell tickets

(Newser) - You can't say Rob Ford didn't have this coming: Spirit Airlines of Florida has a new ad that pokes fun at the Toronto mayor's troubles, reports the Toronto Star . "We're not smoking crack," the ad reads, before pushing a $29.90 fare to the... More »

Spirit Introduces $100 Carry-On Fee

But you can avoid it by declaring baggage before the gate

(Newser) - If you're the type who's always rushing to your gate with seconds to spare, then you might want to avoid flying with Spirit. The airline has hiked its fee for large carry-on items to $100, reports USA Today , but the price gouge can be avoided by declaring your... More »

Airlines Scored $22.1B in Add-on Fees Last Year

66% surge in just 2 years

(Newser) - Airlines are raking in enormous piles of cash from add-ons and fees. Last year in the US, the top six airlines made $12.4 billion in revenue for things other than the cost of a ticket, such as checking bags, re-booking penalties, WiFi connections, and selling frequent flier miles to... More »

Spirit Airlines to Charge $100 for Carry-Ons

Move comes as boycott movement crops up on Facebook

(Newser) - Now that other airlines are jumping on the fees-for-carry-ons band wagon, Spirit Airlines wants you to be sure and remember that they were the first . The airline is jacking up its carry-on fees, which will now range from between $20 a bag all the way up to an eye-popping $100,... More »

Airline to Charge $35 for Carry-Ons

Allegiant follows lead of Spirit Airlines

(Newser) - Uh oh, travelers, this might be turning into a trend. Starting tomorrow, Allegiant Air will begin charging passengers up to $35 for their carry-on bags, MSNBC reports. Passengers can bring one carry-on aboard for free, but only if it can fit under the seat in front of them, the president... More »

Angry Over Regulation, Spirit Institutes Snarky Fee

'Unintended Consequence' fee intended to chide transportation department

(Newser) - Spirit Airlines is angry over a new Department of Transportation rule—and it's making sure customers know it, by slapping a $2 "Department of Transportation Unintended Consequence Fee" on all tickets. The new rule, which went into effect last week, requires airlines to give customers a full refund,... More »

Feds to Airlines: Stop Hiding Ticket Fees, Taxes

Carriers must advertise full price starting next month

(Newser) - Airlines will soon be forced to advertise the full price of tickets—including government taxes and fees—instead of a stripped-down price with an asterisk. The rule scheduled to go into effect in late January is designed to keep prospective fliers from getting a nasty surprise several steps into the... More »

Airline 'Seat-Selling' Deal Tweaks Blago

Skip town for $14 before ex-guv does 14 years

(Newser) - Rod Blagojevich is going to prison , and what better way to honor the former governor than by selling seats. No, not Senate seats, airline seats. Shortly after Blagojevich's sentencing , Spirit Airlines launched a "seat-selling" sale, the AP reports. Customers can escape Chicago for just $14—equivalent to the... More »

Enjoy Your Flight, But Good Luck Escaping Ads

Overhead bins, seat backs, and even safety videos are featuring commercials

(Newser) - Your next flight could feel like being stuck inside a commercial. Various US airlines, desperate for revenue, are beginning to cram advertising into every corner of their planes, including overhead bins, seat backs, napkins, flight attendants' aprons, and even through crew announcements and in-flight safety videos, reports USA Today . Delta,... More »

Print Your Spirit Air Boarding Pass at Home—or Pay $5

And, actually, fee is what 94% of customers wanted

(Newser) - If you thought airline fees for checking bags were unfair, imagine paying $5 just to get your boarding pass printed by an agent at check-in—because starting Nov. 1, Spirit Airlines will do just that. The fond-of-fees carrier said fliers could avoid the charge by checking-in online and printing boarding... More »

Weinergate Prompts Airline Special

It's 'too hard to resist'

(Newser) - Now we can all cash in on Weinergate: Spirit Airlines is holding a special deal dubbed “The Weiner Sale.” The fares are “too hard to resist,” notes one ad, viewable at the Frisky . There’s even a “Weiner Sale Expansion,” though the fares won’... More »

Spirit Air Rolls Out Carry-on Fees

Airline says it went off without a hitch, will save time

(Newser) - Spirit Airlines rolled out its new fees on carry-on baggage today, lauding the move as a way to save time in loading and unloading planes. "The check-in process is going well so far," said a spokeswoman. Since airlines started charging for checked luggage, more passengers have brought carry-on... More »

Spirit Cancels More Flights As Strike Continues

Pilots hold their ground in dispute, flyers stuck

(Newser) - Spirit Airlines canceled all flights scheduled for today and tomorrow as its pilots continue to strike, the Florida Sun-Sentinel reports. The job action is causing mass misery at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, where Spirit handles 20% of flights and some 10,000 passengers a day. Being an ultra-discount carrier,... More »

Spirit Airlines Pilot Strike Strands Thousands

Florida-based discounter cancels all flights

(Newser) - Spirit Airlines is canceling all of its flights tomorrow after its pilots went on strike. Pilots walked out this morning in a pay dispute with the Florida-based discount airline. The strike has already stranded thousands of travelers. Spirit says it is refunding tickets and trying to get passengers onto flights... More »

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