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Politician Looks to Revive Unusual Dish: Rat Soup

It's a traditional dish in Mexican state of Zacatecas

(Newser) - Typically, one would be unhappy to find rat in his or her soup. But caldo de rata, or rat soup, has been eaten in the Mexican state of Zacatecas since colonial times, and now a local politician is trying to promote it so it regains its popularity. It's currently... More »

'Souping' Takes Juicing by Storm

Bottled soups boast more fiber, less sugar than juices, but experts are still groaning

(Newser) - Back in February, the New York Times declared "souping" the new juicing. The appeals are obvious: juices tend to be stripped of fiber and loaded with sugar, and soups can be more dense, filling, and warm, not to mention tasty given the commonly added spices such as turmeric and... More »

Lawyer Threatens Lawsuit When He Doesn't Get Soup

Dwain Downing claims it was a 'deceptive practice'

(Newser) - A Texas lawyer upset that he wasn't provided a cup of soup during a recent meal has notified a restaurant owner that he'll sue if not reimbursed the $2.25 for the soup, the AP reports. Dwain Downing also is seeking $250 in attorney fees for the time... More »

Cruz's Post-Honeymoon Splurge: 100 Cans of Soup

It was Campbell's Chunky, Heidi Cruz revealed at CNN town hall

(Newser) - Ted Cruz showed up Wednesday for a CNN town hall—or what Gawker frames as "another glimpse into the waking hell that is Heidi Cruz’s daily life"—with his wife and two young daughters in tow, and Heidi offered up a personal, if bizarre, nugget of life... More »

Campbell's Hopes Recipe Change Will Boost Sales

So long, celery

(Newser) - Campbell's is tinkering with its chicken soup recipe to appeal to millennials, multicultural families, and same-sex parents—among others, the New York Times reports. The company is removing ingredients that have fallen out of favor with customers—potassium chloride, monosodium glutamate, disodium inosinate, and, um, celery, to name just... More »

Canned Soup Pumps You Full of BPA

Though there's no telling whether that's harmful

(Newser) - Hungry for a warm delicious bowl of BPA? Then grab yourself some canned soup, because it’s loaded with the stuff, according to a new study from the Harvard School of Public Health. Participants were given either canned vegetable soup, or a similar soup that hadn’t been canned, then... More »

Things We Want, and Don't, in Odd Recession

Hard-times staples fall by the wayside

(Newser) - The current economic crisis is breaking the recessionary mold, Time reports, with American purchases running counter to expectations. A few surprises:
  • Soup isn’t selling. Typically, the cheap, decent food is a recession staple, but health concerns and rising prices may be driving us away from it.
  • Organic food sales
... More »

Campbell's Sells Godiva

Soup maker gets $850M, will focus on core businesses

(Newser) - To ensure that its bottom line stays “M'm! M'm! Good,” the Campbell Soup Company sold its upscale Godiva chocolate brand yesterday for $850 million. Yildiz Holding of Turkey beat out Starbucks and Hershey’s to nab the Belgian chocolatier, which racks up $500 million in annual sales, the... More »

Campbell's to Shed Chocolatier

Soup shop hopes to sell distracting Godiva

(Newser) - Campbell's may be trimming some fat from its budget: Bloomberg reports the food company is looking to sell the luxe Godiva brand, which is weighing down on the more wholesome corners of its pyramid. Campbell's is intent on slurping up new markets in Russia and China, and the sweets trade—... More »

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