humanitarian crisis

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Khashoggi Death May Have Ripple Effects in Yemen War

'Time is now' for ceasefire, Pompeo says

(Newser) - At an apparent turning point in one of its hardest foreign policy challenges, the Trump administration is demanding a ceasefire and the launch of UN-led political talks to end the Saudi-Iran proxy war in Yemen. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis called for a halt to hostilities within 30 days. The renewed... More »

Spain: We'll Take Migrants From Ship 2 Countries Rejected

But it's not clear the ship can make the journey

(Newser) - Spain has come to the aid of a ship that was left drifting with no destination after both Italy and Malta refused to take the migrants it's carrying. The Aquarius rescued the 629 migrants, who include 123 unaccompanied minors, 11 other children, and seven pregnant women among them, from... More »

'Almost Genocidal': Hundreds Dead in Myanmar Clashes

UN agencies barred from providing aid

(Newser) - The United Nations is warning about a possible humanitarian crisis after increased violence against a Muslim ethnic minority in Myanmar. With the government claiming the Rohingya people are migrants from Bangladesh with no citizenship rights, security forces in the country have killed hundreds and destroyed their villages, reports the New ... More »

'Always Remember Us': Aleppo Residents Post Final Goodbyes

Reports of more than 80 civilians shot on sight, 'complete meltdown of humanity'

(Newser) - If conditions could get incrementally worse than "barely survivable," they just did in Aleppo, Syria. The human rights arm of the United Nations says that forces supporting the Syrian regime have been entering homes in eastern Aleppo and murdering residents, with one report coming in that 82 civilians... More »

This May Be 2016's Biggest Humanitarian Challenge

Some 1M civilians could flee Mosul, with 700K of them requiring shelter

(Newser) - The military operation to wrest Mosul from ISIS could become the single largest, most complex humanitarian operation in the world in 2016, a UN official said Monday. Lise Grande, the UN humanitarian coordinator for Iraq, said that in the worst case scenario, some 1 million civilians could flee the city,... More »

Russian Convoy Rolling Again as Ukraine Blasts 'Invasion'

Heavy shelling reported in Donetsk

(Newser) - A large Russian aid convoy resumed its journey toward Ukraine today, taking a road leading directly toward a border crossing controlled by pro-Russian rebels in the Luhansk region. This is happening amid heavy shelling in the rebel-held Ukrainian city of Donetsk, the BBC reports. By taking such a route, Russia... More »

Syria's Barbaric Health Conditions Killing Kids by 'Thousands'

Report lays bare horrific impact of system's collapse

(Newser) - As the Syrian civil war enters its fourth year, millions of children are at risk amid harrowing conditions caused by the collapse of the country's health care system, a report from the Save the Children charity warns.
  • More than 10,000 children have died in the violence, but "
... More »

Typhoon Survivors Desperate to Flee Destroyed City

US sends aircraft carrier to Philippines

(Newser) - In Tacloban, the Philippine city at the center of Typhoon Haiyan's devastation, scenes of desperation and misery are everywhere, the AP reports. When two Philippine Air Force planes landed at the city's airport earlier today, they were swarmed by a crowd of thousands of people—some holding babies... More »

Thousands Flee Ethnic Violence in Burma

But US praises government response to clashes

(Newser) - Some 90,000 people who have fled ethnic violence in western Burma are in need of emergency food aid, the United Nations warns. The rape and murder of a Buddhist woman last month, for which two men have been sentenced to death, set off violence between Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims... More »

UN Aid Flows at Last to Parched Somalia

Al-Shabab militants allow aid groups in for first time in 2 years

(Newser) - UN aid groups have finally begun delivering supplies to areas controlled by islamist militants in Somalia, as the Horn of Africa faces its worst drought in 60 years, reports the BBC . Al-Shabab, an al-Qaeda-linked militant group, banned international aid groups two years ago, but tens of thousands of refugees streaming... More »

Japan Earthquake: How You Can Help

Seven ways to donate and spread awareness

(Newser) - If the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan has you feeling helpless, turn to Mashable . The site rounds up seven ways you can do something—even if you’re broke:
  • Like a page: For each person that “likes” the “Dog Bless You” Facebook page for search and rescue
... More »

Humanitarian Crisis Unfolds on Libya's Borders

Nearly 100,000 people have fled fighting to Egypt, Tunisia

(Newser) - The violence and unrest gripping Libya is creating a humanitarian crisis, as almost 100,000 people have fled the fighting for Egypt and Tunisia, reports the New York Times . About half of the refugees are Egyptians, but those fleeing includes Libyans, Chinese, and others, mostly poorer laborers. "We call... More »

As Pakistan Drowns, the West Sits on Its Wallet

UN fears country's image problem is to blame

(Newser) - Western governments and individuals don't seem to care about Pakistani flooding victims nearly as much as they did about Haitian earthquake victims, UN officials say. The Pakistan crisis has left millions of people in urgent need of assistance but donations are trickling in much slower than needed, officials tell the... More »

Pakistani Town Beats Back Taliban

Locals raid militant invaders as army gains in Swat

(Newser) - Armed residents of a town in the troubled Swat Valley fought off Taliban forces yesterday,  the latest sign that locals are helping the Pakistan army beat back militants, reports the Wall Street Journal. Several Taliban fighters were captured when hundreds of residents stormed out of the mountain town of ... More »

Taliban Shave Beards to Elude Pakistani Troops

Fighters get desperate as army routs militants in Swat stronghold

(Newser) - Frantic Taliban fighters are shaving their notoriously full beards and hair as they flee the Swat valley to escape Pakistan’s military, which says it’s making inroads against the militants, Reuters reports. The military is asking civilians to expose Taliban fighters, but nearly 1 million residents have already escaped.... More »

Pakistani Civilians Stuck as 55 Militants Die in War

Curfew curbs residents' flight in 'war of country's survival'

(Newser) - Pakistani troops and warplanes killed at least 55 Taliban militants today in what Prime Minister Raza Gilani is calling a "war of the country's survival," the AP reports. Fighting centered in the northwestern Swat Valley, where a curfew prevented residents from fleeing and the main town has... More »

UN Asks Davos for $613M in Gaza Aid

Funds would provide immediate aid, more money needed for long-term

(Newser) - The UN asked attendees at the Davos economic forum for $613 million to address “massive and multi-faceted” needs resulting from recent violence in Gaza, the BBC reports. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon says the funds will provide medical care and clean water for 6-9 months. As fresh violence heightened the need... More »

Red Cross Slams IDF After Grisly Gaza Find

Corpses, starving children in zone where army banned rescuers

(Newser) - The Red Cross has condemned the Israeli military in unusually harsh terms after finding 15 corpses in shattered houses the organization was prevented from visiting, the Washington Post reports. Officials said they received reports of casualties in the Gaza neighborhood Saturday but weren’t allowed to enter until yesterday. Four... More »

The World's Worst Humanitarian Crises

Civil war and displacement fuel tragedies across the globe: aid group

(Newser) - Aid organization Doctors Without Borders has released its annual list of the world's worst humanitarian crises. Here's a sample:
  • Somalia: Increased friction between insurgents and the government unleashed some of the worst violence in a decade. One in five children there dies before turning 5.
  • Congo: Hundreds of thousands have
... More »

Sudan Prepares for Tougher US Stance

Obama's team of humanitarians prepare shift on Darfur

(Newser) - The government of Sudan is getting nervous about the Barack Obama White House. The Bush administration called the situation in Darfur genocide, but did little to stop the carnage that has left 450,000 dead and 2.5 million displaced in western Sudan. But several members of Obama's foreign policy... More »

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