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Trump's Miss USA Pageant Finds New Home

It will air July 12 on Reelz channel

(Newser) - NBC's loss is another channel's gain, apparently: Independent network Reelz has acquired the rights to the Miss USA pageant, which CEO Stan Hubbard hails as "an integral part of American tradition." He made no mention of the anti-Mexico comments that caused NBC, Univision , and a... More »

Univision Dumps Miss USA Over Trump

Given 'insulting remarks about Mexican immigrants,' breaking up not hard to do

(Newser) - Several things stood out when Donald Trump announced his presidential bid — liberal glee, conservative scorn , escalators, paid supporters —but what many in the Latino community heard was his proposal to build a "great, great wall" on the US-Mexico border to block Mexican drugs, crime, and rapists. Outrage... More »

France Wants to Ban 'Hypersexual' Kid Beauty Pageants

France Senate votes to ban them, measure goes to lower house

(Newser) - In what the non-tiara-wearing crowd would call a pretty awesome move, France's Senate has voted to ban child beauty pageants. Under the measure, which must still be approved by the lower house of parliament, organizing such competitions is prohibited, and anyone who enters a child under the age of... More »

'History Geek' Named Miss USA

Miss California Alyssa Campanella wins the title

(Newser) - Miss California Alyssa Campanella, a self-described “huge history geek,” was named Miss USA at the Las Vegas pageant last night. The 21-year-old formerly represented New Jersey in the Miss Teen USA contest in 2007, but moved to Los Angeles a year and a half ago and plans to... More »

Beauty Queen Gains Weight, Loses Crown

Teenage Miss San Antonio fighting to keep title

(Newser) - A teenage beauty queen in Texas is suing to keep her crown, after she was stripped of her title for—in part—gaining weight. Domonique Ramirez, 17, won the local pageant in April, but was informed last month that the runner-up would take her place as Miss San Antonio—meaning... More »

China Accused of Freezing Out Miss World Favorite

Snub thought to be related to anger over Nobel Peace Prize

(Newser) - Liu Xiaobo's Nobel Peace Prize win has caused quite a backlash in China, where authorities are still cracking down on his supporters—and now the backlash has hit the Miss World contest, held this weekend on a Chinese island. Miss USA Alexandria Mills, 18, was crowned the winner amid speculation... More »

Miss Liberty America: A Tea Party Beauty Pageant?

Sounds like one, but its founder says no

(Newser) - The Miss Liberty America pageant may include a marksmanship category, have a goal of "restoring Liberty to the United States," and judge contestants based on their knowledge of the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence ... but don't call it a Tea Party beauty pageant. That's what... More »

'America's Perfect Teen' Is Actually ... British

Whoops! Pageant director omitted residency requirement

(Newser) - America recently selected, via pageant, of course, its most "Perfect Teen." The only problem? "America's Perfect Teen" is actually Welsh. Seems the pageant director didn't put in a residency requirement, so Anysha Panesar was able to enter the contest on a whim while on vacation... More »

Teen Pageant Queen Sues Wife Swap

Alicia Guastaferro claims scenes were staged

(Newser) - A teen pageant queen who famously declared her sympathy for “people that are not gorgeous people” on ABC’s Wife Swap is suing the network, accusing it of staging scenes to "maximize public embarrassment." Alicia Guastaferro, 18, seen in the clip having her legs spray-tanned by her... More »

You've Come a Long Way, Mr. Gay China

Pageant shows rapidly shifting attitudes to homosexuality

(Newser) - When the eight finalists of the first Mr. Gay China pageant strut the catwalk of a Beijing club this Friday, they'll be doing something that was once unthinkable in a country where gay sex was illegal until 1997 and homosexuality was classed as a mental illness until 2001. These days,... More »

Dethroned Miss Cali to Sue

Claims 'lost earnings,' even though she got a book deal...

(Newser) - The Miss California drama isn’t over yet: dethroned Carrie Prejean is filing a lawsuit against the organization, reports Perez Hilton, who snagged a copy of the complaint. Prejean names Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler, but not Donald Trump, as defendants in her suit for—among other things—slander, libel,... More »

Sydney Olympics Also Featured Fake Performances

In 2000, city's orchestra mimed to backing tape—by ensemble from Melbourne

(Newser) - The world was shocked to learn that Chinese singer Lin Miaoke was really just a pretty lip-syncher, but fakery seems to be par for the Olympic course: the Sydney Symphony has disclosed that its performers mimed to a backing tape during the 2000 opening ceremony. "It's correct that we... More »

Mexico Apologizes for Booing Miss USA

Letter comes months after incident at Miss Universe pageant

(Newser) - Over 2 months after a Mexico City crowd booed Miss USA during the Miss Universe pageant, a national tourism official today apologized for the “incorrect behavior of a small group.” The blink-and-you-missed-it international incident started during the interview portion of the competition and crested after Rachel Smith fell... More »

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