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Puerto Ricans Back Statehood in Referendum

But whether it will mean anything to Congress is still unclear

(Newser) - Could Puerto Rico become the 51st state? A nonbinding referendum held there yesterday suggests a majority of its people would choose that option, reports the AP . As CNN explains, citizens were first asked whether they'd like the territory to maintain its current relationship with the US; 54% voted in... More »

Lions Defend Turf Like Gangstas

(Newser) - Lion prides display the behavior of human gangs not to hunt more efficiently, but to defend their turf, researchers have discovered. The larger the prides, the more successfully lions keep out interlopers, reports the BBC. Scientists have long been stumped by why lions are singularly sociable among cats and what... More »

Canada Vows to Defend Pole

New patrol vessels to venture out as Arctic tensions escalate with Russia

(Newser) - As Russia presses claims to the North Pole, Canada is stepping up its defense of its Arctic territory and will no longer take its sovereignty "too lighty," PM Stephen Harper declared yesterday during an Arctic tour. Canada is building six patrol vessels to guard the icy territory where... More »

3 Stories