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Inflatable Sumo Suit Led to Brain Injury for Girl, 15: Suit

She hit her head 3 times and has never been the same, mom says

(Newser) - Celaida Lissabet, 15, was participating in what was supposed to be a fun event at her Miami-area charter school last October, wrestling with a classmate while wearing an inflatable sumo suit during "Spirit Day"—but things went terribly awry, leaving the girl with severe brain damage, according to... More »

Say It Ain't So: Sumo's Fixed!

Wrestlers admit arranging matches in Japan

(Newser) - Three Sumo wrestlers have admitted fixing matches in Japan, and the scandal is only expected to grow, reports the Guardian . "It is certainly the national sport," said Prime Minister Naoto Kan. "If matches have been fixed, it is a serious betrayal of the people." Police found... More »

Killing Exposes Sumo's Brutality

Teenager dies after routine beating

(Newser) - Seventeen-year-old sumo wrestler Takashi Saito was beaten to death 8 months ago, but the Japan Sumo Association took until last Thursday to punish the alleged culprits—Saito’s trainer and three fellow wrestlers. The dawdling response was much too slow to prevent a public relations disaster: Japan now knows that... More »

Declining Sumo May Modernize

Ancient violent sport struggles to find place in modern Japan

(Newser) - A series of sumo wrestling controversies has led to soul-searching within the venerable Japanese sport. A 17-year-old apprentice died from hazing at a sumo school, and a grand champion is accused of faking an injury and fixing matches. As troubles pile up and popularity continues to decline, writes the New ... More »

4 Stories