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Rarest of Rare Discoveries: a Swimming Dinosaur

It's believed to be only the 2nd swimming dinosaur ever found

(Newser) - The dinosaur was the size of a turkey and had a neck like a swan, teeth like a crocodile, forelimbs similar to a penguin's flippers, and clawed feet ideal for use on land. It's such a strange assortment of features that researchers who identified the new species from... More »

There Are Worse Places to Die Than Mongolia

The country is a surprising leader in palliative care

(Newser) - A man lies dying of liver cancer inside his family's tent—or "ger"—as a harsh wind blows outside, where the family's sheep are hunkered down. His only wish is "to be without pain" as he dies. In that case, it's a good thing... More »

A 'Dzud' Comes Every 12 Years. Except for This Time

40K livestock are already dead in Mongolia; 1M died last year

(Newser) - It may rhyme with "dud," but it packs a deadly wallop: A dzud (pronounced 'ZUHD) is an extreme weather phenomenon unique to Mongolia that's characterized by a summer drought and then a prolonged winter of heavy snow and temperatures of minus 40 to minus 59 degrees... More »

'constants.stuffy.activism' Is Now an Address Here

To visit the US Embassy in Mongolia, go there

(Newser) - The Mongolian post office is replacing traditional addresses with easy-to-remember three-word phrases courtesy of a British startup, Quartz reports. More than 75% of the world's population has no address capable of receiving mail, notes Forbes . What3Words solved this problem by dividing the globe into 57 trillion 3-meter-by-3-meter squares, replacing... More »

Shipwreck Recalls Really Bad Luck for 2 Invasions

Japanese find harks back to 13th-century Mongol attacks

(Newser) - A shipwreck off the coast of Japan serves as evidence that no navy can defeat Mother Nature. Archaeologists spotted the wreck off the island of Takashima in southern Japan and say it belongs to one of two attempted Mongol invasions from the 13th century, Archaeology reports. Running 65 feet long... More »

What 10K People Looking for Genghis Khan's Tomb Found

In 6 months, they spent 3.4 years poring over maps

(Newser) - If we ultimately uncover Genghis Khan's tomb, we may have outer space and about 10,000 volunteers to thank. As Smithsonian recounts, legend has it that the location of the Mongolian warrior's tomb was safeguarded by soldiers who murdered the tomb builders and were then killed themselves. University... More »

Cop Charged With Torture in Teen's Wrongful Execution

China arrests Feng Zhiming for coercing 18-year-old's confession in '96

(Newser) - On Monday, the conviction of an 18-year-old teen in China for the rape and murder of a woman in a public restroom was overturned —18 years after he was put to death for the crime. Today, the police officer who led the investigation into the case of young Huugjilt... More »

Genghis Khan Owes His Empire to ... Rain

Study: Unusual 15-year stretch created grasslands for his army

(Newser) - Scientists who study tree rings for a living have discovered that central Mongolia had an usually warm and wet spell from 1211 to 1225. This would probably remain of note only in tree-ring-studying circles if not for one other thing: Those dates happen to coincide with the rise of none... More »

Tech Team Zeroes In on 'Genghis Khan's Tomb'

But University of California experts don't want to excavate

(Newser) - Everyone from archaeologists to grave robbers have been seeking Genghis Khan's tomb for the past 800 years—and now a team of techies from California may have found it, Newsweek reports. Using satellites, radar scans, and thousands of volunteers, Albert Lin's crew at the University of California in... More »

Mongolia Yanks Last Lenin Statue, Wants $280 for It

Ulan-Bator calls leader a 'murder

(Newser) - Mongolian capital Ulan-Bator has taken down its last statue of Vladimir Lenin, hauling it away on a truck in a small attended, the BBC reports. Mayor Bat-Uul Erdene called Lenin and his cohorts "murderers" in a brief speech—a far cry from the "Teacher Lenin" that Mongolian schoolkids... More »

Mongolian Election Issue: How to Spend Windfall

Mining boom helps economy grow

(Newser) - Mongolians vote for a new legislature this week facing a fortunate choice: How best can the landlocked, still poor country spend an expected windfall from its mining boom? The main political parties in tomorrow's elections are offering variations on using royalties and revenues from mammoth coal, copper, and gold... More »

Feds Seizing Illegal $1M Dino Skeleton

Tyrannosaurus belongs to Mongolia, court decides

(Newser) - The Department of Homeland Security has been ordered to detain a dead, 70 million-year-old, 24-foot-long illegal immigrant. The skeleton of the Tyrannosaurus Bataar—T. Rex's Mongolian cousin—was sold for $1 million at an auction in New York last month despite objections from the Mongolian government, which bans the... More »

'Illegal' Dinosaur Skeleton Sells for Over $1M

Heritage Auctions ignores Mongolia's restraining order

(Newser) - A New York auction house sold off a dinosaur skeleton for $1 million yesterday despite a restraining order from the Mongolian government, which said the find had been illegally exported, New Scientist reports. Heritage Auctions kept mum about the seller and winning bidder, and said it had "legal assurances"... More »

Explorer Finds Lost Piece of China's Great Wall

William Lindesay got an assist from Google Earth

(Newser) - The Great Wall of China is bigger than we thought. An undiscovered stretch of the wall was located last fall by a British explorer in the deserts of Mongolia, reports the Telegraph . Carbon testing reveals the 62-mile section, made of earth and branches, has been standing since the 11th or... More »

How You Can Join Hunt for Genghis Khan

Online volunteers examine satellite images of Mongolia

(Newser) - Armchair history buffs, take note: A University of California scientist needs all the help he can get finding the tomb of Genghis Khan. The only thing participants need to join the Valley of the Khans Project is a computer and an Internet connection, reports the Washington Post . Under the program,... More »

'Human Domino' Record Falls

Mongolians top decade-old mark with crowd of 10,267

(Newser) - The record for longest chain of human dominoes was set by 10,267 people in China yesterday, the AP reports. The throng wore color-coordinated clothes that spelled out, in English and Chinese, the name "Ordos"—the city where the dominoes were slowly falling. A Guinness World Records monitor... More »

Neo-Nazis on the Rise in Mongolia

Swastika-waving groups attack Chinese migrants

(Newser) - Adolf Hitler has a growing number of admirers in the homeland of Genghis Khan. Neo-Nazi groups fond of swastikas and seig-heiling are sprouting in Mongolia, the Guardian reports. Groups like Tsagaan Khass—White Swastika—say they admire Hitler's devotion to racial purity. The ultra-nationalist groups have been blamed for many... More »

Babies Big on Cute, Short on Insight

Documentary follows four infants in four countries

(Newser) - Critics are generally won over by Babies, a documentary that follows four infants' first years in San Francisco, Mongolia, Tokyo, and Namibia. Some samples:
  • Wesley Morris, Boston Globe : "As an advertisement for the wonders of figuring out how to be alive, the movie is an engaging proposition."
  • Betsy
... More »

1.6M Chinese in Deep Freeze

Northern China battles worst winter weather in decades

(Newser) - Some of the worst winter weather ever recorded has left thousands of people homeless in northern China. Close to 1.6 million people have been affected by blizzards and record-low temperatures, AP reports. More than 100,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged in Xinjiang, and 100,000 head of... More »

'Ballerina-Like' T. Rex Cousin Discovered

Size, light skeleton and delicate teeth suggest different prey from larger relative

(Newser) - A smaller, more agile cousin of the Tyrannosaurus rex has been identified. The skull and a nearly complete skeleton of Alioramus altai was discovered in Mongolia in 2001, and has features that distinguish it from its more lumbering cousin. Unlike its “big bad boy” relatives, a study author tells... More »

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