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Adultery Is Now Legal in South Korea

62-year-old law is abolished

(Newser) - A prominent South Korean maker of latex condoms ended the day with its stock up 15%, and a manufacturer of the morning-after pill saw a nearly 10% jump. The atypical reason why: The country's highest court today ruled that adultery is not a crime. It's been one since... More »

NH Cheaters Rejoice: Adultery May Soon Be Legal

State aims to repeal ban on cheating

(Newser) - Technically, it's a crime to cheat on your spouse in New Hampshire, though the anti-adultery law hasn't been enforced in more than 10 years. But soon, you may only need to worry about the moral ramifications of stepping out on your husband or wife, not the potential legal... More »

Future Fate of Afghan Adulterers: Public Stoning?

Human Rights Watch up in arms over proposed provision

(Newser) - Human Rights Watch is up in arms over what it says is an Afghan government proposal to publicly stone married adulterers. It got a look at the draft revision of Afghanistan's penal code, which states that if a court determines a couple engaged in adultery, both shall be... More »

Indonesia Looks to Ban Black Magic, Premarital Sex

Practitioners face 5 years in jail

(Newser) - Indonesian lawmakers are considering a new criminal code that probably won't do much to hold the country up as a bastion of modern thinking. Among the proposals in the new code, drafted by a team led by a conservative Muslim scholar:
  • Premarital sex: Five years in prison
  • Singles living
... More »

Navy: Sub Commander Faked Death to End Affair

He loses his command of nuclear submarine

(Newser) - The commander of a nuclear submarine tried to concoct an ingenious plan to get himself out a jam, but the Hunt for Red October this is not. The Navy says Cmdr. Michael P. Ward II tried to end an affair by sending a fake email from a guy named "... More »

Anti-Adultery Ring? It Imprints 'I'm Married'

Engraving on the inside leaves words on your finger

(Newser) - Worried about your spouse slipping off the wedding ring and cheating on you? Put this in the last-resort category: a ring that leaves the words 'I'M MARRIED' on the flesh. The band is engraved on the inside, so an imprint on the skin is made after it's... More »

STDs: Open Relationships Safer Than Cheating

Sneaky hookups involve more booze and fewer condoms, says study

(Newser) - A cheating lover is more likely to pick up and spread an STD than a person in an open relationship, according to a new study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The reason may be connected to drugs and booze, which are used 64% more in unfaithful hookups. This correlates... More »

The Best City for Cheaters Is...

Washington, DC, says Ashley Madison

(Newser) - Ashley Madison—the website bearing the tagline "Life is Short. Have an Affair"—has released its ranking of the top 10 US cities for cheaters. It drew its conclusions from its own subscriber base, looking at which cities had the most registered users and, based on its population,... More »

Gingrich Pledges Not to Cheat on 3rd Wife

Republican candidate tackles adultery issue

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich is following in the footsteps of other conservative candidates by making a pledge against infidelity—sort of. The GOP hopeful, who has taken heat for cheating on his second wife, didn't actually sign a candidate pledge from the conservative group The Family Leader, the Atlantic reports. But... More »

Why I Kept My Other Family a Secret

Spoiler alert: It does not end well

(Newser) - PJ McDowell didn't exactly have the best reasons for getting married ("I was tired of being single and enduring a succession of short-term flings"), so it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that, 20 years into his marriage, he met another woman, fell madly in... More »

Cheater Site Founder Hates Monogamy, Loves Wife

For Ashley Madison creator Noel Biderman, it's a business, not a lifestyle

(Newser) - Noel Biderman has a wife and two kids and a stated belief that monogamy is a "failed experiment." But he has to say that, because he created AshleyMadison, the website that caters to people looking for affairs, notes BusinessWeek in a profile. Some highlights:
  • Members: The site claims
... More »

If She Cheats, He'd Prefer It Be a Woman

For cheating men, it's the opposite, study says

(Newser) - Men are more likely to stay with girlfriends who have cheated on them with other women than those who’ve cheated with another man, a University of Texas study suggests. Women, however, are the opposite: they’re more likely to stay with a man who’s cheated with a woman... More »

Woman Dies After Caning Over Affair

Bangladesh launches investigation into illegal punishment

(Newser) - Bangladeshi officials have launched an investigation into the death of 40-year-old woman following a severe caning for an alleged affair with her stepson. The woman died nearly a month after the beating; she was sentenced by village elders to 40 blows for adultery and caned in public. Bangladesh banned such... More »

Iran Frees Woman Sentenced to Stoning: Rights Group

But there's still no official confirmation

(Newser) - A little mercy in Iran? A German human rights group says Tehran has freed the woman whose death sentence for adultery—by stoning, no less—sparked world outrage. "We have got news from Iran that they are free," a spokeswoman for the Anti-Stoning Committee tells AFP , referring to... More »

Taliban Publicly Stones Couple Over Affair

Crowd of about 100 killed adulterers

(Newser) - The Taliban had a couple publicly executed by stoning in Afghanistan yesterday, because “they had an affair,” the governor of the Imam Sahib district tells the Daily Telegraph . About 100 people, many of them Taliban insurgents, gathered to hurl rocks at the couple, who were forced to stand,... More »

Iranian Mom Spared Death by Stoning

Convicted adulteress may still die for crime

(Newser) - An Iranian woman convicted of adultery will be spared death by stoning—but her life may still be in jeopardy. Officials have not said if she will still be executed, reports the BBC . Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, a 43-year old mother of 2, was charged in 2006 with having "illicit... More »

Iranian Woman Awaits Stoning Over Adultery

She will be executed soon, says attorney

(Newser) - A 42-year-old Iranian woman convicted of adultery in 2006 is scheduled to be executed by stoning, her attorney says. Her confession came after receiving 99 lashes. She later retracted that confession, and her lawyer explains that the woman is of Azerbaijani descent and speaks Turkish, not Farsi. More »

NY Woman Charged With Adultery

She was allegedly having sex on a picnic table in broad daylight

(Newser) - An upstate New York woman has been charged with adultery, something only twelve others in state history have been charged with, after a mother allegedly spotted her having sex on a picnic table in the park. The police officer who responded happened to know that Suzanne Corona, 49, was married,... More »

Wife Sues Phone Company After Bill Exposes Her Affair

Cheater: Itemized bill ruined my life

(Newser) - A woman who says a phone bill ruined her life is suing Canada's Rogers Wireless for $600,000. The 35-year-old complains that her cell phone records were bundled into the same bill when her husband signed up for Rogers home phone service—leading him to discover an affair she had... More »

Tiger, Elin Will Share Custody

Couple will maintain joint custody even in divorce

(Newser) - Tiger Woods and Elin Nordgren will share joint custody of their children, if they divorce, Radar Online reports. The couple's relationship continues to be rocky, with both parties seeing divorce lawyers, but they're determined to make the breakup as easy on their children as possible. “They have not been... More »

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