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Toll Collector Fired for Paying Customer's Toll: Report

'Sam' Samsonov says he did it sometimes when customers were short

(Newser) - A Florida toll collector has lost his job of almost 30 years after putting his own money in the till to make up for a customer who hadn't paid enough, NBC2 reports. Vladislav "Sam" Samsonov, 77, known for giving lollipops to kids and dog bones to dogs, says... More »

Golden Gate Bridge Losing Human Toll-Takers

Cash will no longer be accepted at end of March

(Newser) - The Golden Gate Bridge is going to feel a little less human starting late next month. The bridge is shifting to an all-electronic toll system, which means the elimination of 32 toll-taker positions, reports the San Jose Mercury News . Drivers who currently pay cash are being encouraged to join the... More »

Climb the Golden Gate Bridge? Maybe Soon

Officials seek revenue streams beyond ever-rising tolls

(Newser) - Facing giant budget holes and tired of constantly jacking up tolls in futile efforts to fill them, officials may offer tourists the chance to scale San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. The model is Sydney’s Harbour Bridge, where $200 gets you a guided climb to the top. What San... More »

E-Z Pass Steers Cheaters to Divorce court

Toll booth records prove spouses were heading the wrong way

(Newser) - Spouses suspecting an unfaithful partner have an unlikely ally: automatic toll-booth passes with detailed electronic records that divorce attorneys are using to prove infidelity.  "It's an easy way to show who took the off-ramp to adultery," one lawyer quipped. The E-Z Pass devices, which are usually found... More »

4 Stories