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Big Brother Is ... Stealing Your Fertility

Having an older bro reduces your odds of having kids, study finds

(Newser) - If you have an older brother, odds are slightly greater you won’t be having kids, especially if you live in pre-industrial Finland. According to a new study, which examined the birth, marriage, and death records of three generations of pre-industrial Finlanders, found that those with older brothers were 5%... More »

E-Z Pass Steers Cheaters to Divorce court

Toll booth records prove spouses were heading the wrong way

(Newser) - Spouses suspecting an unfaithful partner have an unlikely ally: automatic toll-booth passes with detailed electronic records that divorce attorneys are using to prove infidelity.  "It's an easy way to show who took the off-ramp to adultery," one lawyer quipped. The E-Z Pass devices, which are usually found... More »

2 Stories