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China Cops Busted Feasting on Giant Salamander

Endangered species on the menu at gathering of officials

(Newser) - A group of police officers in southern China lived up to negative stereotypes about both their country and their profession by allegedly dining on a critically endangered animal and beating up journalists who sneaked into the restaurant. According to local media in Shenzhen, senior public security officials were at a... More »

The World's Most-Visited City Is...

Hong Kong, followed by Singapore

(Newser) - When it comes to the world's most-visited cities, Asia has a clear lead: Of the top five, four are on the continent, according to a list published by the Telegraph and based on a Euromonitor International report. The number one most-visited city? Hong Kong, which saw 23,770,200... More »

Threat Diverts 2nd China Flight

Shenzhen Airlines diversion follows Air China threat

(Newser) - A Chinese flight was forced to divert because of a mid-air threat last night, just a day after another security threat forced a New York-bound Air China plane to return to Beijing . The Shenzhen airline flight from Hubei province to the southern city of Shenzhen landed safely in Wuhan following... More »

Tigers Kill Zoo Gardener

Worker climbed over barrier, fell to waiting animals

(Newser) - Siberian tigers killed a Chinese zoo gardener after he climbed over a barrier and toppled into their enclosure, the Daily Telegraph reports. The man appeared to have lifted himself onto the barrier, apparently to pull out weeds, before he dropped into a group of “four or five” animals gathered... More »

'Suicide Factory' Workers Relocated to Avoid Raises

Only iPhone workers will get hefty wage hikes promised by Foxconn

(Newser) - Here's one way to avoid paying the hefty raises promised to 300,000 workers at the suicide-plagued Foxconn electronics plant in Shenzhen, China: move most of them to less expensive, remote plants in other parts of the country. Foxconn is apparently keeping the iPhone workers in Shenzhen, but moving Hewlett... More »

Apple 'Suicide Plant' Hikes Wages Again

Foxconn announces 66% performance-based pay raise

(Newser) - The owners of a suicide-plagued electronics plant in southern China have announced the second pay rise in under a week. Foxconn employees, who received a 30% across-the-board hike last week, will be eligible for a 66% performance-based pay rise if they pass a 3-month performance review, Reuters reports. Execs say... More »

Worker Kills Himself Over AWOL iPhone 4G Prototype

(Newser) - A Chinese worker accused of stealing an iPhone 4G prototype jumped to his death from the 12th floor of his apartment building in the southern city of Shenzhen, the BBC reports. The man, 25, responsible for shipping 16 iPhone prototypes to Apple, had reported one missing. His friends say he... More »

iPhone Ignites 'Love Craze' in China

Black market phones flooding country from Hong Kong

(Newser) - The iPhone is not sold in China yet, but already black market iPhones—known as "Ai Feng" or "Love Craze"—have flooded in from Hong Kong. Wired News reports computer superstore shelves are full, and supplies so plentiful the black market price is plummeting. "It's like... More »

Chinese Issue Big Brother ID Cards

Reproductive history, religion, landlord phone numbers will be listed

(Newser) - The Chinese government is beefing up already stringent surveillance measures, installing 20,000 police security cameras in one city and issuing computer chip identity cards to millions listing work and reproductive history, religion, police records and even landlord phone numbers. The cards will help track citizens for any number of... More »

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